Hospital Pics


  1. Hi Scott,
    thinking about you and work isn't the same. 093

    1. hi scott and betty hopefully this gets to you, it only took me 1 month to figure it out. I am taking a computer class tomorrow so look out. Hope the chemo is doing its job and your other levels are close to where they are suppose to be. Micky is napping now. He had 2 big walks today but on leash :(. Happy thoughts! Cindy

  2. Hi Scottie,

    Just wanted you to know everyone's wishing you the best. Hopefully this last round will work out for you and you can move on to the next step in the process. Good Luck!!

    Scott Luchterhand

    PS: Andy Trilling called and wanted you to know that he was thinking of you. I did e-mail him your blog's web address.

  3. On a rare occassion I slow down enough to observe something special, something or someone so unique that I have to refocus to see if I saw an illusion or the real deal. These are truly special moments and they seem to be present less and less as time goes on. But you, my friend, continue to show me that you are not an illusion, but a true hero. Your inspiration and positive attitude open my eyes wider every hour and like it or not, you are our role model. Your intense focus and extreme committed direction is a testament to you and your family. You will be in our prayers every hour of every day as you take care of business. Love, Kurk and Chris Bessler