Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012  - UPDATE 3pm

Waiting. Waiting for the Doctors to see if there s anything they can do to help Scott's hands.He can't use them right now as they are swollen and painful. He is sleeping sitting up in bed with his hands resting on 3 pillows on his lap to try to keep them elevated. I hope there is something they can do. I have graduated to CNA now, and happy to help. So no posting from Scott for a while as he can't bend his  fingers to type:( Better days ahead.


The Docs perscribed some pain medication, a narcotic, and thankfully it makes
Scott tired also. He continues to flirt with a fever...hovering around 100. I did ask the doctors if the hand condition would last a few days or a few weeks, and they said days so that is good. No walking or biking today. Just rest.

We got mail!!!! and lots of it. Some of it was from the first room we had. The chaplain stopped by and said he had sent something to someone and they got it 2 months later! I thought I would put up pics of the cards we have gotten so you can see if yours is out there. Thank you everyone for all of your great support. Those cards and letters mean more than I can say. Scott is saving the one from the PD for when he is a little more awake. There were an awful lot of signatures on that one! Thanks Trina for the puzzle books. Take care everyone!


  1. Hi Scott and Betty, sorry to hear about the side effects with the hands, I hope it does not last long. You guys take care and we are thinking of you. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Steve and Carol

  2. Hey daddy-o,
    Thinking of you lots right now and praying for you:) get better fast so we can come and visit you. I miss you soooooo much! I plan on taking Mickey Joe to the beach again soon, it was alot of fun last time and a great place to clear your mind....grandma Jane and I are making kenna a Barbie doll cake, the one with the Barbie in it and the cake is her dress. Grandma used to make them alot I guess. I'm exxcited about it. I think kenna will love it. Be ready on Monday, its kennas third birthday and we will be emailing you a TON of photos and skyping. Kenna got to go swimming at daycare for the first time today! I was told she loved it. You have to be 3 to take swimming twice a week so they let her go today because she's close....yay! Now she can use the hello kitty swimsuit betty picked out for her. Perfect timing. other than that not to much here, love you and I will call you tomorrow after work.
    All my love,