Monday, April 16, 2012

March 16, 2012 8:45PM - It's Betty

I asked Scott if he was going to post today and he said he thought he did. Too busy polishing his motorcycle and organizing his fly fishing equipment I guess. Uncle Petey took him to the fly fishing shop and out to lunch today.  Scott is getting better every day but it is a slow road. Seems like next week is coming fast. I'm going to go into work tomorrow so that will be great. Scott wants me to go to work (hehe).

I wanted to thank everyone for the cards that continue to come, your prayers and all the COOKIES. I need to go to work to get away from them!

I like posting pictures, so here is one of our dear dear friends Carol and Dennis. They stopped by last week with chicken soup, homemade applesauce and COOKIES! This was taken at our wedding, by sneaky photographer Rob, who is also a dear friend. He has such a talent and is quite stealth  - I have lots of great photos from that day that I am sure people did not even know were being taken.  Stay tuned, you might be next:)

The Beautiful Miss Carol and Big D

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