Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday April 22, 2012

***The picture is our wedding cake. Please check out the new tab for the blood drive May 10th at the MPD.

I asked Scott if he was going to put something out on the blog today and he said, "not much to report". Well he is getting stronger every day.He has has only managed to gain about 5lbs, but is feeling stronger.

We went to Church this morning and that was really nice. We sit in the balcony with Gloria, the organist, because there is usually no one else up there and then Scott feels like he does not have to wear his mask. There were a few kids up there, so when it was time to share the peace and Scott started shaking their hands, my BP went up. I like kids, just not their germs. So Scott agreed to go wash his hands before Communion. I know I am overly protective, but he is the only husband I have.

I picked up the April/May/June worship and home guide to take with us. It has a passage a day, and the one for the day we check into the hospital (April 25) was interesting...

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

Words I pray we will be saying along with "I have defeated cancer" in a couple of months when we come home.

Nancy - my dear friend and organic gardener, has brought us so many wonderful things to eat. Last night she picked Kale and asparagus and brought them over. We are having the asparagus tonight, and I made KALE CHIPS last night! Super easy and good for you and meat and potatoes Scott loved them. I meant to take a picture but oops we ate them all!!! Thank you Nancy for all you do and your sincere thoughts and prayers.

I do have a picture - not that great but it is Hecuba the grouse who decided to take a stroll across the lawn. Not the brightest. He is out there today thumping away. He still calls for a mate every 10 minutes or so. Hope he finds true love like Scott and I.

Harold Hecuba
And for those of you who don't know who Harold Hecuba was (mostly you young folk), click out this link....Harold Hecuba

Thanks all for now, 2.5 days left of home....



  1. Keep fighting the fight! I think I may have hurt a little girl's feelings at church today when I didn't shake her hand :( I am packing for Prentice. See you in a few days! Stay strong!

  2. Scott, great to hear you are getting stronger and putting on weight. I spoke to John Branson today and he asked how you were doing. I gave him the blog information, so he could check on your updates. You are in our thoughts and prayers this week as you two head back to Chicago.

  3. The donut cake. Love it! The passage for the day you return to the hospital is perfect. To me, Faith is strong, unshakeable belief. You are both such wonderful examples of Faith. Thinking of you both and continuing the prayers each and every day. Love you !

  4. The donut cake.....WOW it fits...of course :-) Glad to hear you are putting on some weight and it appears smiles are worth there weight in gold. A wonderful part of healing and hope is prayer and laughter :-). I believe when our Lord watches all the things we/I do over and over again he has to have this gift to just wait and perhaps commnets like "Will Rahlf ever get it right" ? and then comes the 2X4 conversion, a slap along the side of my head and I respond with "OK, ok I think I got it now.:-) Thats the wonderful part of being human .. we are always loved and forgiven and He will always walk with us in the Good, Bad and Ugly of life.

    Peace and Prayer

    Ann an Rahlf