Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Big change came my way last Wed. when I became short of breath and slept 15 hrs.  By Friday I was only able to take care of the signing the new will and trust for my children.  Betty took me to see an old classmate who is now a Lawyer, Jim Oneal. Truly a nice man, kept things simple, got things done quickly, just outstanding.  Signed up for Hospice that afternoon, and by Saturday I had oxygen delivered and was needed.  Spiked fevers up to 105. slept 16 hrs, was able to walk my Daughter Erica down the isle for her wedding.  The Lord let me get all the important things done so now Betty and I can just enjoy these last days, weeks?  This will be my last post from me, Betty will post when and further changes occur.  God Bless all still dealing with this and my prayers are now for a immune therapy to get rid of AML so people can be cured and not have the terrible damage done by chemo and graft vs host.
Dorian, Thank You again and GOD Bless You


  1. Scott and Betty, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Steve and Carol

  2. Scott and Betty our prayer are always with you. You two are such fighters. Gods speed be with you both. Dick and Joanne

  3. Scott, I've followed your journey since my own transplant 4 years ago. Your posts have always been a rock for me, and I will miss hearing from you if you choose not to post again. Your example of courage and grace under fire will always be remembered. We are strangers in this "paradise" of a disease, but we share much. I was blessed with a perfect sibling match and I'm sure that has made a difference in my subsequent survival, but nothing is promised to any of us. You have lived a wonderful life with a loving family. You have always been more concerned with their survival than your own. Heaven has a pedestal waiting for you, Scott. I know you are going in peace, and that is all we can ever ask for. God bless you and your loving wife and family. Be sure to have at least one more beer!

    1. I'm Sherry Jackson. sherryjac2@mac.com Tel: 843-705-4699

  4. Dear Scott, I was looking for something in my saved emails and found the link. Mike and I want you to know that we pray for you and your family daily. Love you and take care