Saturday, February 18, 2012

Good Morning...It's the Weekend....... Again!

They took out Scott's PICC line last night becauase of the blod clot. They bandaged him up real good and kept pressure on it for a long time to make sure he it stopped bleeding. They hope it just dissolves on it's own,as they cannot give him blood thinners, due to his low counts (not sure how he clotted in the first place, but it happens I guess). Like any blood clot, there is a risk of it ending up somewhere else in his body, but since we can't control that, we are not getting too worked up about it.

They put in a regular IV line for antibiotics and fluids in his other hand for now. He will be getting blood and platelets this morning and we continue to wait for day 14 (next Thursday) when he is supposed to bottom out and they will do a bone marrow biopsy.

Scott is doing really good all things considered. It is just a waiting game. At least I can get out an walk around. Poor guy. Brother in law visited last night, which was great. He brought a beautiful Bible and some fishing magazines for Scott. Thanks to those he had some strange fishing dreams, which really shows you where Scott would rather be.

Rachel and Erica are coming today!! Scott's 21 and 22 year old daughters. Tonight my sister Karen has offered to play tour guide and show them around. We got them a nice room for them thanks to Anne giving me some of her rewards points, and it is right on Michigan. It is about 9 blocks from here so that will be nice.

I have met some nice wives up here, one went home with her husband yesterday, her name was Etta, and she was Amish, white cap and all. Really nice lady, and I even met two sisters that are from Green Bay down to visit their brother in the room next to us who grew up in Green Bay but lives here in Chicago. He has Multiple Myleoma, as do many on these floors.

So Today's Picture  - I went with my sister on Valentines to Dunkin to get the cop some heart shaped donuts...they were out. I walked over there last night and they had some as they are running them through February....Scott said it made him miss work just a little less.....

Leave it to Scott to eat donuts before he goes to ride the bike.

I'm sure Scott will post something today, keep up the comments, emails, cards and prayers, it really really really helps.


Ah, donuts and coffee.  So today I got platelets and another unit of blood.  I'm still feeling well, I can see the effects of the chemo on my skin.  I know it will get good again, but right now I have the skin of a 70 year old.  Got good sleep for once,  I should probably cover my liability and state.  "Don't do this at home".  I've been specifically trained in the ways of chemo therapy.  Lots of good things happening for me, the staff here is remarkable.  I have treated very well by everyone I have had contact with, and as far as care goes I am truly getting the best of care.  Just warning you Steve, I've been on the Wii practicing my game.  Your time is coming!
God Bless,

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  1. Love the donut picture! I hope you enjoy the visit with your girls this weekend. We are all thinking about you everyday. Stay strong! Hey Betty, do you have an email I can reach you at for a few questions (one Scott can't log into?) Take care!! Jen