Saturday, February 25, 2012

No Fever at all last night.  I get platelets today, hemoglobin is 8.4 which is high for me.  My white blood count is slowly coming back.  They will have the biopsy results late Monday, something about if the cells are not clear or obvious enough to read accurately they stain them to be able to read them better.  So more on that on Monday.
God Bless,

Happy Weekend...Again!

We have a Wii game console for the TV that we purchased so we could stream Netflix at home. We never played the games, but Scott is getting a lot of use out of them now! Here is a picture of "Wii Scott" and "Wii Mickey"  playing frisbee..... Can't wait until it's real Scott and real Mickey playing ball! Scott will post his medical update later - he is practicing his archery right now - keeping busy as usual.  


  1. Nice toupe on the wii character dad...cheater!!!
    LOve you, ERica

  2. Awesome...looks like fun...well as much fun as you can have cooped up in a hospital room! Glad there was no fever...things are looking up! I think Monday will be bringing positive answers. Hang in there and just imagine yourself REALLY playing frisbee with your doggie. Hugs, love, and prayers.

  3. Hi Scott, good news again, keep it up. Went to church tonight said prayer and lit candle for you. I like your wii character, I suppose you play tennis with it and make characters for me and Carlos and make us chubby. Keep beating us in Wii land. Take care and we will keep praying for good news come Monday. Steve and Carol