Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hello All. Day 2 - Scott passed dental and heart tests with flying colors. He is cleared for chemo, will be 7 days of chemo, then another week of rest. Supposed to start today. On day 14 they will take another biopsy hoping for everything to be wiped out, then another 2 weeks for him to repopulate his own marrow. Healthy cells grow faster than the leukemia, so the hope is the healthy parts of his marrow come back, and then before the leukemia returns they will zap him again and do the stem cell transplant. That's the plan, but we just have to take it 1 day at a time to see how he reacts.

My sister Karen brought me blankets!!! which is so nice because anyone that has ever been in the hospital knows that the blankets are like big dishcloths, not very warm and fuzzy. She also brought me food, a coffee thermos, coat hangers and the greatest gift of all, a hug.  Karen works a block or so from here. How weird is that?

I took another video for everyone but mostly for Erica and Rachel, because I know it must be hard to visualize what this is all like for your dad. It's long and a little boring, but might help. Your dad is going to be just fine. He is not ready to be the star of any of my videos, but I'm sure he will eventually. Keep praying and sending him comments.


Northwestern Hospital Floors 

So far everything is good.  The only complaint is the bed. It has this inflate deflate feature to prevent bedsores but it keeps me awake.  If I unplug the bed, the lower back/ but area deflates and it sinks like a huge pothole.  So I will be starting my chemo soon, we'll see how that goes.  This is getting boring real fast, but its just a step towards getting rid of the mutant cells in my bone marrow.  If you look on the pics page Betty took a shot of my daily poster board.  Notice my goals, I think I can handle this.  Thank God for Betty!
Juan Carlos, here it is.
Prentice Hospital
250 E Superior St
Prentice Hospital room 1575
Chicago, IL



  1. Hi Scott and Betty, good luck starting your chemo today. I hope the effects arent too terrible. Get lots of rest. Could Betty post the name and address of the hospital and room number for people to send cards and chicago bears shirts. Always tell the Dr. you are a Bears fan, they'll be nicer. Take care, steve

  2. Hey Dirt,
    Can you believe it fourty inches of snow today with more on the way. Everything in town is at a standstill with no where to go.I have to pull Candy around on the sled,she made me take her shoping.Don't know if I'll ever recover from that! We really hope that your doing well(as well as you can be) and never give up the faith there is a miracle waiting to happen for you.If you don't think that is true just look at Betty! Candy and I will keep praying for both of you and will be thinking of you often! Candy just told me thats not how you spell forty. Went to a catholic school you know!
    Candy and Bill

  3. Glad things are going well. If I did this, you can. Keep a positive attitude and you will do fine. If you have questions on what to expect, please drop me an e-mail.

  4. Love you Dad. I miss you and its weird going into the house without being greeted by Joey's wet nose and tongue;) but all is well there. I will go visit mickey this weekend but I'm sure he's found a cozy blanket at Cindy's and the girls and dogs are probably laughing at how ridiculously spoiled he is... goodnight. Talk to you tomorrow.
    Love you lots,

  5. O forgot to thank you Betty for the awesome video ;) really cool. I appreciate it alot!