Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I hope this is the last address change! Every time we move, we have to pack up everything. You know how when you are on vacation and the same clothes that fit in the suitcase on the way down don't fit when it's time to go home -

Prentice Hospital
250 E. Superior
Room 1696
Chicago IL 60611-3053

Scott is good, I feel safer up here. One the way from the CCU back here, we got to the pressure lock doors and they were just going  to open them and push Scott in...I said "I'm not letting you on this floor unless you wash your hands, you could literally kill someone if you have a virus" to the transport guy and the nurse from CCU that was accompanying us. Poor Scott, I might have embarrassed him,but then again I don't think he or anyone of you that know me would expect any different:) Like I told the nurse after I insisted she wear gloves (down in the CCU) - I only have one husband, and I intend to keep him.

Next big hurdle is for the bone marrow biopsy on Thursday to be what the doctors want. If that is good, then we just wait for Scott' numbers to come up and hopefully come home about a week after that. That is if we don't have any setbacks....so the prayers are for the biopsy to be exactly what the doctors want.

So the Timeline is...

Thursday 2/23 - biopsy
If it is good, go home a week or so later (early March)

About 3 weeks after that, back to Chicago and do it all over again but get the stem cell transplant. That hospital stay will be about 1 month, and then we will need to stay in an apartment close to the hospital for another month.
Then we will go home and take it day by day.

Thanks everyone. Miss you all, feel like we have been gone for months!


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