Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Last night I had another fever and chills.  104.3  They put me on a refrigerated pad and packed ice packs on me.  It came down in less than an hour.  No new picc line for now as they are concerned about the fevers.  My left arm is really taking a beating because they can't use my right because of the blood clot.  I'm kinda getting the full experience on this whole thing.  God help anyone who is weak or sick before going through this.  So my white blood count is at .1  It was at 2.0 before so that means the chemo did its job and I'm bottomed out.  Within a few days the marrow will come back slowly.  Because I had MDS turned into leukemia, they are not sure how much I will come back.  Most come back to where they were with the MDS, some do better.  But I hadn't seen my ANC above .3 in the past three months.  They let me leave when my ANC gets to .5  I asked about the fact I had been running .2 to .3 and working and all, would I be let go at a lower level if it doesn't appear it will come up further.  I didn't get a direct answer so time well tell.
God Bless,

Pic of the day......mystery bag

I asked the nurse what was up with the homemade looking bag,it is a cover to protect from light. It is magnesium.

Bonus Pic...

This is the unt that runs the cooling pad they put under the sheets. They set it at 60F when they were bringing down his fever. When it runs it sound exactly like a fridge running. Kicks in and out.


  1. Wow...never a dull moment, huh? Glad that you've kept your positive attitude. That will really help you in your recovery. You are such an inspiration to all of us.

    Thoughts and prayers for good results on Thursday.

  2. Hi Scott and Betty, I hope things get better for you soon! The last few have been rough for you. Your brown bag on the Dilbert is a cover, I thought it was filled with chocolate pudding. Stay cool, should be easy for you with your mattress pad. We are praying for good news Thursday with your biopsy. Steve and Carol

  3. just got back from california. we waved to you when we flew over chicago. boy, it sounds like you have been having your share and everyone elses....of unfun happenings. we are praying for you and we'll put in extra prayers for good results tomorrow. keep up the great attitude. love ya, bill and candy