Thursday, February 23, 2012

The man of the hour....


That would be AM. Another fever last night around the same time, but his time not so high, 103.4. Came down quickly enought with tylenol, and the nurse gave me a lesson on how to use the machine and take his temp so I could play nurse. That sounded so fun when I was 6.

Yesterday was full of grace. We received ashes from the chaplain, and my co-worker and friend, Mary R, went out to the Shrine in Champion and lit a candle for Scott and two other patients down here that I provided her names. What an amazing gift from a thoughtful woman.

When I tell people I am from Green Bay, several have asked me about that Shrine.People from all over the world.  I did not know about it, but Mary and I had spoken of it before I left as her sister and brother in law are the caretakers of it.  What a coincdence. Everything for a reason, and people are brought into each others lives not by chance.

If you have not heard of he shrine, here is a link. Very interesting and powerful.

I'm sure scott will post more later, right now he is just enjoying waking up and feeling OK.


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