Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's the weekend! Which means nothing!

Ok, well maybe it does mean something, one of which is my sister is picking me up to go to Trader Joes, and has graciously offered to do our laundry. So today's video is one of the reasons I love this man so much, he will never give up and he makes me want to be that way too. Why couldn't God pick a couch potato instead of Scott?

I'm sure Scott will post more later.

What's your excuse today?

The weekend means I got to sleep in without the doctors making their rounds early.  It seems more laid back today.   My daughter, Erica, is doing the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics.  If anyone would like to check it out here's the link Follow This Link  Other than that the goals are to shower and tell them if I have pain or nausea.  I plan on riding the bike and walking the hallway every day.  Still feeling good,  no hair loss yet.
Thanks for the prayers and support,


  1. Hi Scott, nice exercise video. I hope you feel good enough to continue to do that every day. When you are done with your transplant your legs will be strong for tennis! Keep up it up, your attitude is everything. You and Betty take care, we are all thinking of you. Steve

  2. We will never know the reason why God picked Scott but he his so strong and makes us realize the little things we complain about in life are nothing. I miss you two so much and we have been praying! I will keep checking in and just remember we are always here!

  3. You two are so strong and amazing! I like how even now you're finding ways to lend strength to and inspire your friends. I love that you named the wheely pole Dilbert! Please keep seeing the humor in things...I hope all kinds of funny things happen to brighten your days.

  4. What a wonderful thought -- all kinds of funny things to brighten your days. I love it!. Laughter is always the best medicine! Thinking about both of you this morning!