Sunday, February 12, 2012

So today I get blood again.  I think they are taking more out that putting back in.  Good ride on the bike today, it was a little harder, but that may be because I raised the resistance.  Down to just the one continuous chemo, yippie!  Labs results are all over, some of my counts went up quite a bit, but I was assured that is temporary.  I will be getting platelets soon by the way they are talking.  Hiccups seem to be my only issue up to this point and that's pretty easy to deal with.

God Bless you all,


  1. Hello Scott & Betty

    Dick and I want you to know we are following you daily, keeping you in our thoughts & prayers. You both are very strong souls. Keep reaching for your goals. luv ya

  2. Hey Dad,
    I have Skype now, and my internet at home should be working again by tomorrow evening if you want to Skype with kenna and I!! I have Skype downloaded, just need to know how to add you as a contact. What left headlight is out on my car again! I swear, that thing. Is there a reason I go through them so fast? Ill give Trent a call tomorrow. Hope everything is still going well. I really love the videos. I show them to kenna and she waves "hi" at the screen. Lol. And yells "grandpy" its cute:) she has learned a few new words. She can say purple, green, 123, and ABC. She clearly says please and thank you now. Can't wait until you can spend time with her again. You will be surprised :) she got a haircut too. Sent Betty the license so I'm sire you saw it. I guess that's it around here. Love you. Talk to you tomorrow.

  3. License=picture....gotta love autocorrect!