Monday, February 20, 2012

7:15 PM Update

Doc said Scott had no evidence of blood clots, and minimal plaque (normal for his age). the Iron is not an issue, they said it is an issue only if it has been high for years...She thinks that it is a side affect of the Chemo, and is in contact with Scott's Cancer Doc to make sure the next chemo (the pre stem cell) is not the same family. She said there are some people that have cardio reactions to the chemo.
When they do the MRI they are looking for any swelling around the heart muscles. She was pretty confident that after the MRI we would be back to the Cancer floor. We want to go back there. Please pray that Scott has no more set backs. He has been blessed with still having an appetite, and of course his sense of humor. I love him so much.

Scott is sleeping now, which is great. If he is up to it we will go for a walk around the floor here, but if not it can wait until tomorrow when we are back on a safer floor where everyone is in tune with the low//no immune situation.

Will let everyone know what is happening tomorrow am after the MRI results are revealed.


Just got results from ct scan and ultra sound were normal :)   MRI tomorrow then back to isolation.

11:50 am

had the EKG, going to be getting a CT scan to look for blood clots in heart and lungs and get a good overall picture. Will know more after that. Scott is very very tired, but squeaked out this message for everyone....

Hello From Scott in CCU

We are moving to the cardiac ICU. His nzymes are elevated. They have him hooked up and are monitoring him. I packed up everything and we are moving to a different building. I will let you all know what they find. Hopefully no serious heart damage. Something is going on. Keep praying.

Storm came last night.

Fever, Chills, nausea, diarrhea, lightheaded and a heart rate of 100. That last one prompted an EKG.
He is on more medication than I could have imagined, but these people know what they are doing. Will let you know what the doc says later today.

Good thing the girls visited yesterday and the day before.

No pics of Scott right now, so this will have to do for today. Here is a picture that the girls took of Karen and I at DAO (Thai restaurant) on Saturday.

Please pray that this week goes by quickly and easily for Scott.


No question now that the chemo worked.  I can't believe what difference 12 hrs. can make!

I now found out I have cardiac damage and I'm off to CCU.  Crap!


  1. Hang in there will get better. Thoughts, prayers, and hugs being sent your way.

  2. I love you dad. I will talk to you later if you feel well enough. I know Betty is taking great care of you. She is amazing and I'm glad you have her.
    Love, Erica

  3. Prayers continue --- Hang in there -- !

  4. Everyone is pulling for you on CL Floor 8. The ICU team will be equipped to help. We're thinking of you and hoping for the best.

  5. Thank You, Mother and Father God.

  6. Scott, you are in our thoughts and prayers, stay strong. Steve and Carol