Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BLOOD DRIVE - The MPD is organizing a blood drive for May. They need 20+ people to pre register by signing up either at the MPD, Fire Station 1 or you can email Scott's Sister Cindy at and she will sign you up. I don't know if they have an exact date or not. When I find that out I will let you know. Please consider signing up and donating to make a positive out of all this.

 March 14 2012

What a long night. They had a couple of tricks up their sleeves to get his temp down long enough to get platelets and blood. One of them was IV hydrocortizone. His temp stayed below 99 until about 4am, when it started to rise again. They were in ever half hour to hour for vitals,or drugs etc. I was annoyed, but what can you do? Now he has the shakes again, and since he had Demerol this am already they gave him some dilatted. Anyone with a medical background must be laughing at my poor spelling of all these but spelling was never my forte let alone medical terminology.

They have put off the bronchoscopy -( I think I called it an ectomy yesterday, again, close:)  - he has had a couple of bloody noses, nothing that won't stop, but his platelets are still low. I pushed for a no go on the procedure, as he did cough up a lot of stuff last night that they sent to the lab and I don't want them putting something down his throat via his nose into his lung unless it is a last resort. He is super prone to bruising and bleeding, and it just does not sound like a good idea to me.

The doc on call ordered an ultrasound of his legs to look for clots. She said there is a slight chance of a lung clot, but if he does not have any in his legs then he would not have any in his lung?

He is pretty drugged up so I am waiting for the docs as he wont remember what to ask or what they said. His temp is back up and resting heart rate is up. he is on the oxygen only when he gets up to go to the bathroom etc. What a mess. Will let you all know what the docs say.

The doc just came in - they are going to do his bone marrow biopsy now.

Today's prayers - read them out loud if you can

Please GOD, let the lung doctors identify the exact bug in his lungs from the sample they already have, and please let there be a drug that can clear up the pneumonia.

Please GOD, let the biopsy show NO Leukemia, and let Scott's blood counts rise to normal so we can go home even for just a week, and come back for a successful cure.

Thanks everyone


  1. I'm thinking of you both today and hoping for the best. I miss you two very much.

  2. Betty, I am so glad you are at Scott's side through all of this and keep his best interests the top priority. You are his voice when he cannot speak. Love and prayers, Debbie

  3. Prayers have been said. Thoughts are with you both.

  4. Dad,
    I am praying that you get well soon but also that your pain and suffering are minimal. I want to see you out running me again, the hospital and cancer have no part of your life, and you and Mickey are running down the beach. You will be back to yourself in no time. I know it. Love you,

  5. Hello Scott and Betty,
    I'm saying prayers and sending love to you both. I hope things turn around and that Scott starts feeling better soon. God bless you both! Sharon Kinney

  6. Dear Scott & Betty, Sending lots of prayers to you both! As spring is a time of growth & healing...may that be for Scott as well. Take care buddy

    Mike & Laura

  7. Scott and Betty, we are praying with for good results with your biopsy and also the treatment for your pneumonia. Get better soon! You can do it! Steve and Carol

  8. Betty & Scott,
    We are praying day & night for both of you. Footprints In The Sand:
    One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach,
    Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky,
    In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand,
    Sometimes there were two sets of footprints,
    Other times there were one set of footprints,
    This bothered me because I noticed that during the low periods of my life,
    When I was suffering from anguish, sorrow or defeat,
    I could only see one set of footprints
    So I said to the Lord, "you promised me Lord,
    That if I followed you, you would walk with me always
    But I have noticed that during the most trying periods of my life there have only been
    One set of footprints in the sand
    "Why, when I needed you most, you have not been there for me?"
    The Lord replied, "The times when you have seen only one set of footprints is when I carried you".

  9. After saying the prayers out loud and saying them again when I laid my head down last night, I also said a prayer that if for some reason, God challenged me with an illness to my husband, he would give me even half of the strength you have Liz. While I know the battle is really his and he is as strong a person as there is to fight it, you have shown such grace under pressure and I'm sure he's drawing some strength from you too. Continued prayers are coming your way. xo

  10. Scott and Betty - In addition to my own prayers, my mother-in-law is praying for you and I have asked my neighbors at St. Norbert's Abbey to remember you in their prayers.