Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Demerol for the shaking/chills
IV Hydrocortozone to try to break the fever
Oxygen when not prone
Met the pulmonary docs, we are scheduled for am bronchectamy
Oh, and here is the kicker...today I sneezed a few times and am now stuffed up... I look good in a mask:)

Tuesday March 13, 2012 11:00 AM

Good news and Bad news. They have identified the source of the fever, it is pneumonia. Hard to believe considering how hard Scott worked to keep his lungs active. The doctors ordered a consult with the pulmonary team, and potentially tomorrow do a bronchectamy to try to identify which nasty is in his lungs. If he can cough up enough junk he won't have to do that.

Scott and his boy Micky
His temp was down to 100.1, but they are holding off on any blood until that is the norm. There were a record number of docs in this morning - 8 of them. I flat out asked them if this was "normal" for Scott's treatment and they said yes..and it is treatable and doable. That was a relief as Scott literally felt like he was not going to make it a couple of times. They said that with high temps like that, you do feel like you are dying, but that is NOT the case here.

So he is very sick, exhausted, still nutrapenic (no immune system), on a ton of drugs BUT he is going to be ok. His hands are still on the mend, and I am still the CNA in the room. Needless to say, no visitors, but your prayers are appreciated and felt by both of us. Got a bunch of new cards  - thank you so much, and thank you Cedar Creek neighbors for the seroogy's...chocolate makes everything better!! Becky your card was so funny we showed the doctors this morning!!!Thank you.

Oh, and stay tuned for info on a blood drive the Manitowoc Police Department is organizing in Scott's honor. It will be in May some time, and they need 20-25 people to pre register to make it go. I just wanted to throw it out there ASAP in case you are eligible between now and then and would like to hold off until the drive. It is so amazing that  his life depends on the kindness of strangers, and if we all come together to make that happen for others, it will help to make a positive thing happen out of all of this.

Also, if you have emailed Scott, he has not had the energy to read his emails for the past couple of days, but will respond when he is on the mend I'm sure!  Thank you again everyone!



  1. Thank you for the update -- been anxiously waiting to hear. Sounds like you have a great medical staff. Praying that the Good Lord will use them as his Angels to get you both through this valley. Love you and Miss you !

  2. Scott hang in there I'm sure you start feeling better soon. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and Betty

  3. Good that they at least know what the cause of the fever is. Now they can work on controlling it. My thoughts are with you today and always. Hugs, love, and PRAYERS.

  4. Hey Scott, hope you are starting to feel a little better. Good luck with the bronchoscopy tomorrow. Love and hugs, Debbie

  5. DADDY!!!!!!! BETTY!!!!!I figured out my google account, and now I am able to "follow"! Even though I wish I could be there with you instead. I know you will be feeling better any time now, I love you dearly, my prayers are with you everyday. Love, Rachel (*hugs*)

  6. Scott and Betty, stay strong, you guys our in our prayers. I hope Scott starts feeling good soon! Steve and Carol