Wednesday, March 7, 2012

End of Chemo Part II

I just started the last bag of chemo, It will be done around 0930.  That will be the last chemo I will get before the transplant.  My fingers hurt and the skin on my hands where I pull Dilbert on my walks is almost blistering.  But still doable.  The pain in my fingers will get better but may not completely go away.  I signed up yesterday for an Imerman Angel, they try to match you up with someone who has been through the same cancer and treatments.  Partially, this blog is so I can look back and maybe help someone else in the future.  The Chief said someone is organizing a blood drive at the PD.  That is Great!  Let me know when the date and time and I'll put it on my blog.  I got platelets this morning, new record low, I was at 4000.  That's at a level where your body can start to bleed anywhere for no reason other than the low counts.  I'm still better off than 3/4 the people on this floor.  Life is Good
God Bless,


  1. Scott, your second round of chemo is done today, I hope you start feeling better soon. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Steve and Carol

  2. Thinking about both of you this morning (you & Bette Liz -- not you & Dilbert) --- missing you both and ready for you to come home !

  3. Congrats on completing your second round of chemo! I think you should celebrate with a big fat donut or bowl of your favorite ice cream...something yummy. I'm thinking of you and Liz and hoping for better days ahead. Things WILL get better! Hugs, love, and prayers.

  4. Second and final round that's great. I hope you start to feel better. You and Betty are in our thoughts and prayers. See you soon.

  5. Hi Scott,

    Thinking and praying for you! Get your butt better and get back here, I miss hearing your smart comments!!

  6. Hey Scott. Corie and I are looking into the blood drive, just waiting on some information to see how we can host one at the PD. We will keep you posted. We tried stealing Kabelowsky's sunglasses to send you, but he's holding onto those suckers tight. He did say you put rocks in his briefcase one morning and almost dislocated his shoulder trying to pick it up...priceless!! Stay positive and enjoy the sunny day. If the weather there is anything like Manitowoc, there will be two feet of snow on the ground by morning :) Take care!! Jen Pusel