Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I was waiting for the doctors, then I took a walk.  Today brings neuropathy to my thumbs and pointer fingers.  They hurt but it should eventually go away (at least until the stem cell chemo round).  My blood pressure went from very low, 90" over 50's last round to 150 over 100 this time.  I'm getting a lot of fluids, they think that's the cause.  My liver enzymes remain high but not alarmingly so.  Last dose of this chemo will be done by 10:00am tomorrow.  Yippee!  48 hrs. after that it is out of my system.  Mickey got to go swimming yesterday when Erica took him to the beach.  The boy likes to swim no matter how cold it is. 
Not much else going on, its just wait and see.
God Bless,

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  1. BRRRRR! Crazy dog! So you have Mickey swimming in a frozen lake and Betty taking sweat lodge yoga classes...