Saturday, March 10, 2012

UPDATE 11am Saturday March 11. No visitors for at least a few days. Scott and I thought he would bottom out on his immunity and then come back up right away, but the docs clarified this morning and he has at least a few more day of absolutely no immune system before we see some increase. So until then no visitors. He has blisters on his feet now, not real bad, but bad enough to prevent him from walking the halls today. So typical Scott was doing exercises in bed laying on his back - leg lifts etc. He got his platelets so the chance of spontaneous bleeding is lower. Sleeping now mostly because of the benadryl they give him. I'm going to sneek out and do laundry. Stupid Cancer.


Good Morning, 

Today the nurse tells me my platelets are 4000.  This is the point where the level is so low I could just start bleeding anywhere.  Slightly concerning.  So they take my temp and I have a low fever.  The nurse says no platelets until my fever goes away.  When your body doesn't have an immune system you get fevers.  I don't understand this at all.  I think one would be hard pressed to find a disease that screws everything up so bad.  I am ashamed to carry such an unworthy opponent inside me.  I think I'll get rid of this cancer now!!

Pic of the day...Scott with Hair....ok, it's my hair but you get the idea. Looks a little like sony bono.


  1. I am surprised by the fact that you are ashamed to be carrying this! even in your work you see it every day The parasites are always trying to attach to a good host.
    You will win and then you and Betty will have good times again.

    Daily Prayers

  2. Love the picture!!! you two are amazing. keep the hope and soon you'll be picking out costumes for a party. love and prayers, candy

  3. Yes, alittle like Sonny Bono indeed. Just thinking of you guys...wish you could be home...soon, very soon. And then you can just look back at this time as you would an unwelcomed visitor...hard to get rid of and so relieved when they're gone. Hugs, love, and prayers.

  4. Scott, hope you start feeling better soon! Nice picture of you two, Scott you look like a rocker from an 80's hair band. Take care you two, you are in our prayers. Steve and Carol