Saturday, March 10, 2012

Scott is crabby and is crabby that he is crabby. He has chill, fever, is tired just wants to be left alone. He said he knows it is wrong but he is crabby with the nurses. He is never like this, but I suppose if there is a time in your life where it is understandable, this is it. This too will pass....

Took some pictures when I was walking while waiting for the laundry to spin. If anyone knows what kind of flowers these are let me know.

The daffodils are almost blooming, I'm sure by Monday.  I bet things will be better for Scott by then.

Thanks again to all of you for your prayers - Betty.


  1. Dad,
    Keep your head up!!! We can't wait to see you again. Miss you sooo much. I am going to have coffee with Madeline today. We try to get together once and a while. It's really nice to catch up:) Barbie cake is all set for tomorrow. I keep asking Kenna how old she will be and she still says 2. Lol when I tell her no, you are going to be three she screams nooooo!!! 2!!! Little stinker. We will try to Skype with you tomorrow if you are feeling ok. Otherwise we will take lots of pics and email them ASAP. Love you with all our hearts. Still praying hard,
    Erica and Makenna

  2. Closed my eyes and prayed for both of you, just now. May you feel the gentle touch of God's loving embrace. The flowers are hellebores; also called the Lenten Rose. God Bless! Monika Pynaker