Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Ides of March -

Whew what a day. Great news really helps everything. Scott is sleeping better. He is pretty doped up, talking a lot in his sleep (sometimes in some psuedo German sounding language). If you have never heard someone with pneumonia breath it is quite disturbing.

It is such a gift to know that when he gets through the complications we can move forward with the stem cell. Right now he has extreme fluid retention in his legs feet and abdomen. They can't give him diuretics regularly because it is hard on his kidneys. he also has nosebleeds and bruising due to low platelets. He is not eating but forces down 4-5 ensures a day, and drinks plenty of Gatorade. His voice is week, he has hearing loss and vision issues that we hope go back to normal after he heals.His resting heart rate is around 115, and he is on oxygen all the time now. He can't (shouldn't) walk to the bathroom by himself, but anyone that knows him knows he HATES to be told what to do, so I just don't leave him alone. Not to be trusted :)

He has not touched a computer since Saturday morning, so has not read any emails or posted anything out on the blog. He has not even turned on his phone, and has only spoken to two people, Rachel because she does not have Internet access, and Debbie, when we got the good news today, because Scott always says the best way to spread the news to the 6 sisters and 1 brother is through Debbie. Each call took a lot of energy and was very short. I don't expect he will be up to any form of communication for at least a few more days.

So I'm not trying to be all doom and gloomy, but Scott asked me to make sure to put everything down in the blog because he is lucid enough to know that he probably won't remember most of this week and we still need all the prayers we can get to kick this pneumonia's butt.

One of my favorite pictures of Scott, with little pookie.
We got a little timeline info..

Right now he has no immune system, The chemo killed the leukemia, but it also killed all of his bone marrow. Until that reboots his immune system will be non-existent. Docs said we can expect to see his blood counts increase around the 24th of this month. After that it will take a week or two until he is good enough to either go home, or go through round three and the stem cell. Don't know if we will have a choice in that or what, seems like a long way off, and this is still one day at a time.

I truly believe in the power of prayer. I am AMAZED at the outpouring of prayer and support we get from all of you. We can actually feel it at times. Chokes me up to think about it. With your continued support he will make it. I know this to be true.

Matthew 18:19
Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth concerning anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father who is in heaven.

Well AMEN to that!!!!

BLOOD DRIVE DATE IS MAY 10 more info to follow.

Oh and got a bunch more cards frome everyone, some CDs and a Starbucks card (thanks Cynthia, you know me well), and MORE Seroogys (from my awesome boss Bev) which I am "wearing" now.

God Bless you all


  1. Scott and Betty, You can count on our prayers being sent your way everyday. We so much appreciate the time you take to blog and let us know how you and Scott are doing. I truly admire the courage and strength that both of you have and God is listening and seeing all of this and will look over both of you. Small steps to a big recovery. Hugs to both of you. Mary Jean Haley

  2. Scott and Betty, hope Scott gets better soon. Betty your'e right, it's not like him to be quiet, I dont remember him ever being quiet or at a loss for words. Take care, we are praying for you.

  3. Good morning Scott and Betty, Great news regarding the leukemia! Scott will be back to his old self soon, smarting off and giving everybody a hard time. Thoughts and prayers, Rob