Saturday, March 17, 2012

I have never found a four leaf clover, although I do remember looking for them as a child. If anyone finds one, we could use it.
March 17, 2012
Yesterday was lost. 99.9% of the staff here are kind, competent, and sincere. Yesterday we had nurse ratchet. Actually she was not mean or nasty, just incompentent. Twice I had to stop her from opening Scott's pills with her bare hands and ask her to put on gloves. She left his IV clipped shut right at the picc line. Needless to say I did not even leave the room to shower yesterday. Totally stressfull.

Scott is better mentally today. yesterday he had a the bronchoscopy, and the drugs from that combined with the other drugs made him sleep. He slept for about 24 hours. He is very short of breath, on oxygen 24/7 and only gets up to go to the bathroom. This is day 7 of  the fevers, but he had not had the severe shaking since the 15th, so that is great.

I will post more later today.Karen is coming to get me to go to target. I packed my clothes on Feb 7th to come down here, needless to say I don't have any summer clothes, so am going something cooler to wear. Most of you know I hate shopping, but I'm looking forward to going outside.

We are still here, and still hanging on!!!



  1. Stay strong, our collective prayers will give you more power then puny pneumonia. Kick it out! Cindy

  2. You guys are winning stay strong and know that when someone else fights this your blog will help them be strong and prepared, we are all with you in Prayer and our thoughts.


  3. Sending love and prayers for you. Barb

  4. anyone reading this blog, at 100 today we are collectively praying for release from his pneumonia.

  5. why there's a four leaf clover right at the top of the blog

  6. Always sending good thoughts and prayers your way! we are cleaning up the yard this week so we'll look for some 4 leaf clovers for you guys.
    Love, Pam & Troy

  7. I don't know either of you, but I feel as though I do. I found this blog by googling, as I'm struggling with my husband facing a STC in a few months (news we just learned a few days ago). I scrolled all the way to the first entry in this blog and have been reading each one in chronological order. Needless to say, this is the best information I've found anywhere, and I'm crying and feeling motivated ... and honestly feel as though I know both of you. I wanted to stop here and comment because when my husband had his previous treatment, he was weakened and delirious, and he insisted on going into the bathroom alone. He fell while I was in an adjacent room ... his head left a huge indentation in the wall, and he was unconscious on the floor with his eyes opened and had CPR administered and was immediately sent into the ICU. It was a horrible experience, and I always feel as though I'm being bossy and bullheaded around medical professionals, but it's worth it! You get five gold stars for being such a wonderful advocate! I will continue reading this blog. God bless you both, Elise in Florida