Saturday, March 17, 2012

March 17th, 6:20 PM
Karen came and got me to go pick up a couple things  at the store and the streets were full of ch-irish as Karen calls them, the Chicago Irish. This was taken at about 11:15am. about 4 blocks from the hospital. There was a parade, run , and of course the greening of the river...which I tried to capture from the car as we drove by.
Accapella - Breathe toy
So Scott's temp is 102.1 BP 141/90 oxygen 99% (with assist) and resting heart rate 109. Can't seem to kick the fever, but that is because it is his body's reaction to the pneumonia. With no immune system, the antibiotics are what has to get rid of it, so all his body has is to get hot.
He got pill to make his body get rid of the water it is retaining. Scott always had a flat tummy, but with all the antiboitics and fluids, he has a puffy abdomen. His feet are puffy too, and it is comlicated by not being able to walk. The biggest issue by far is the shortness of breath, Even with the oxygen just standing up makes him breath super hard. He is such a trooper - keeps doing the breathing toys that the respitory people gave him, they said 10 times an hour and that is what he does. He will never stop , and that is why he is going to make it.

For Mike:)

So Tonight, our prayer is

Please LORD let this pneumonia leave Scott's body so he can gain strength to endure the rest of his treatment and be cured of his Leukemia and MDS.

Please say this prayer for Scott tonight. Shout it out! Tomorrow WILL be a better day!

Thanks again all for your support.



  1. Scott and Betty, we are praying for you get well soon. We went to church and Carol prayed the Rosary for Scott. Get better soon!

  2. Scott will get better because he is so determined to. How do they make the river green? I bet that's not a very "green" thing to do. Happy St. Patty's Day Betty & Scott. Next year you'll be celebrating at St. Brendan's and not stuck in the hospital. Lots of hugs from Arlo and me.

  3. Good morning Scott and Betty, I hope today is the day the pneumonia starts getting better. Thought and prayers. Rob

  4. Good morning Scott and Betty,

    Let see if this will work :-) or will it be operator error [that's me of course].

    Thanks to Debbie in FL she updated Ann and Ann updated me, you know :-) Rahlf Proulx, Wingrider and Holy Family Chaplain. Hey the bike is OF THE CENTER STAND and looking out of the garage and I heard it say TAKE ME FOR A RIDE"

    Thanks to Betty for all the updates. Sounds like you are beginning to see light, not that heavenly light but great hope and that is wonderful Scott....take one day and each day at a time, celebrate and love it. And if you need to, just open the window and YELL to the top of your lungs at those noisy H.D. makes you feel grrrrrreat :-) I rmember that from Tony the Tiger. If you want or need to talk about anything e-mail and we can set it up. All of you are in our prayers.

    Rahlf and Ann

  5. Dad,
    If anyone has the strength to shake this collosil bump in the road(pneumonia) I know it's you. Stay strong Dad. You can do this. And it will be well worth it when the stem cell transplant is finished and you can return to life as you knew it. I love you and miss you very much.
    Lots of hugs and kisses(germ free over the Internet ones)
    Erica and makenna

  6. I love the pix. Especially the one with the Chicago River turned green. The young Chirish man in his garb. It looks like an album cover. Oh to be young and crazy again!