Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday March 18th 1:30pm

The parade is over,,,both the St. Patty's one and the parade of doctors that comes through this room most days

Pulmonary Doc - nothing bacterial or fungal showing up in the cultures from the bronchoscopy - could take a while since he is on so many antibiotics that it stunts the growth in the petri dishes.

Respiratory Doc - just asking if Scott was keeping up on his breathing exercises

Infectious Disease Doc - said nothing new, but encouraged Scott to push through this

Regular Docs - only 3 (it is Sunday after all) - He gained 10 lbs in a day, it is the water, so they are giving him more diuretics. They have switched his anti fungal and potassium to pill form vs IV since that will decrease fluids  Also the pharmacy will start preparing his other IV drugs more concentrated to minimize the fluids. Tomorrow physical therapy is coming to fit him for compression stockings for his legs.. They are too big for the regular ones to fit. The docs think he is getting better, his temp was normal, and they said he will start seeing more periods where he has a normal temp, then the fever comes back. Until his own immune system comes back (on or around the 24th) the pneumonia will probably not subside, but after that it should clear up. They dialed down his oxygen a little to see if he can start to wean off of it.

Doctor Scott - still has diarrhea that is not under control, this is day 8 just like the fevers. Is coughing and coughing but nothing is coming up. Had a shower this morning, when he looked in the mirror after wards he said "Winnie the pooh", because he is o puffed up. Poor guy. It is amazing that this love of my life who would bike, hike, ski, run, kayak, snowshoe, fish, hunt, cut wood, fix engines, do lawn work and on and on now needs oxygen just to lay in bed. I have said it before, why couldn't it be a couch potato instead of Scott!

The Chaplain Aaron came yesterday and visited. We prayed and it was good. Thank you to all Scott's sisters and the girls for their group prayer yesterday. I got the text message at 2:09 :(.

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One of Scott's favorite bands is REO Speedwagon. The chorus to keep pushin is one of his favorites..looks kind of stupid in print, but if you know the tune..

Keep pushin, keep pushin, keep pushin, keep pushin on
Keep pushin, keep pushin, you know you have got to be so strong
Keep pushin, keep pushin, well even if you think your strength is gone
Keep pushin on

Thank you all for your support. Makes us feel not so alone.


Scott and Brother in Law Mattie V at St. Brendan's.


  1. Happy Sunday to you both! Glad to hear that things are slowly looking up. The words of that song are very fitting and good ones to live by. Liz, I think you have found a new'd make a great doctor! Scott is so lucky to have you! Thinking of you today and always. Hugs, love, and prayers.

  2. Scott, remember this is temporary and you will be strong soon to do the things you like, such as hunting, fishing, biking and of course tennis. Like REO Speedwagon said, "keep riding the storm out". I couldn't resist. Take care you two.