Sunday, March 4, 2012


My friend Mary Geyer was in Green Bay this weekend and brought me back several items from our house. We left in such a hurry, and never thought we would be down here this long, so there were a couple things that will really make a difference. I did not want to buy them knowing I had them at home. The best is a foam mattress topper that should solve my back issues from sleeping on a cot for a month. Yay!!!!!!!! Thank you Mary!!!!


Foam Topper!!!!!!

New running shoes that I ordered in January - and they fit!!
Running  stuff and yoga mat!!!


  1. Hi Liz! Just checking in to see how everything is going. I've been praying for you and your husband and continue to think of you often. I miss you here at work!! What a harrowing journey, but I just know in the end, Scott will be ok. May God give you stength, uphold your faith, and heal Scott completely; so his journey can be an inspiration to others. Peace and Love to you both. Monika Pynaker