Friday, March 2, 2012

Last night I started chemo, a different kind. I get premeds every time I get it and I have to put eye drop steroids to protect my corneas. I also have to do cerebral testing twice a day. It's similar to OWI field sobriety tests. Once I get through this round of chemo and fevers I'm going to skype briefing at work. I wonder if I can be disciplined on FMLA? Well, good luck to the Chief getting a certified letter to me here ;) I'm thinking the fevers/chills will start sooner this time because I'm already partially depleted in my marrow, but time will tell. Thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers, I believe I can dump this disease just on the support I'm getting and then I know my prayers will be answered, so a little inconvenience and discomfort and all will be fine. God Bless, Scott

Eye jus past mi seribral test, da sed eye well bee watshed moor clothesly.

Three lines
    Nurse in chemo suit ready to go
    Cookie Monster


  1. What is the address there, London would love to make a card to send. We miss you both. I see that the chemo might knock your body around but can't strip you of your great positive energy and sense of humor.

    Thanks for the update and the photos. Glad to hear you have a room with a view, can't wait to hear about the day when you are looking back in the window and not out.

    Everyday is an new one.


    1. Scott Leist
      Prentice Hospital
      250 E Superior
      Room 1685
      Chicago IL 60611

  2. Very funny Scott.
    I'm glad you passed your cerebral test.

  3. Scott I check your blog daily waiting for your wit, humor. You and Betty are the strongest people I know and for once when someone tells you that you deserve each other it is a complement. You guys will beat this together.

    As I get oder i uunderstand the last sentence gooder

    daily thoughts and prayers

    Terry (Bud)

  4. Scott, good to see you past your cerebal test! I like the card you were sent with the dog body and cone around your head. That will stop you from licking down there. You and Betty stay positive. Steve and Carol