Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pastor Aaron!

.8 and rising.....

Docs came by. They are thrilled with his progress. He is still foggy. He ordered eggs and toast but only took one bite of each, but hey it's one bite more than yesterday.

Pastor Aaron stopped by. He is the Chaplain that has been so helpful in Scott's journey. I could tell he did not want his picture taken, it's a little fuzzy.

I tried to pin down the docs on when we are going home. Karen is driving us, so I need to coordinate. They are leaning towards tomorrow!!! I need to pack!!! They said they would make a decision on their rounds in the morning. Then they order up his prescriptions, educate us on them, and send us home.

So I flushed my first pic line today. I asked the nurse to show me how. I probably could have done it without instruction, I have seen it done so many times. I will be flushing each of his lines every day that he does not have a nurse do it in Green Bay. The normal thing is to have a home health nurse come by the house every few days to draw blood. They will also be changing the bandage on his PICC line weekly. I don't want to gamble on getting a good nurse every time coming out to Denmark, so I made the executive decision to request that all of our blood draws be done at the Bellin Cancer Center in Green Bay. That is where Scott received his outpatient Chemo, and we know the nurses, they are familiar with all this and he loves his doctor there. It will be our outing two or three times a week.

I will post in the morning as soon a I have news. After that, I'm just giving everyone fair warning, we are going dark for a few days. So don't get all nervous or think anything is wrong. They warned us that adjusting to home takes a couple of days, and we just want some peace and quiet with the boys.



  1. Hooray!!! So happy for you both. And you definitely deserve some peace and quiet. Will anxiously await the updates from home. Hugs, love, and prayers.

  2. Betty, I am off tomorrow (fri) if you need anything just ask, I can come to Chicago and help move or buy some stuff for you guys so it is at your place when u get there, anything to make life easier for you. Cindy

  3. Yea! the boys will be so happy to have you guys back. if you guys need anything don't hesitate to call. luv ya, Pam

  4. YEA !!!!!!!!!! -- Anything at all that D or I can do -- we would be honored. Love and prayers always !

  5. I'm so happy for you! Stephanie

  6. Wonderful news. If there is any way I can be of help, please ask. I am good at laundry, cleaning, yard work...whatever you guys might need! BIG hug to you both!

    1. Hey Betty - she said YARD WORK. You should take her up on that. You're the best Paula.

  7. We are so glad to hear the good news....I know that alot of healing is need yet, but being home will make a huge difference. Keeping our prayers coming. God Bless! Mike & Laura

  8. Scott and Betty, great news! You guys probably can't wait to get home. I'm, sure Scott will be able to rest better at home. When he gets better we can play wii tennis. We will continue to pray for him to get stronger. Take care.

  9. Wow. Fantastic news. Gives whole new meaning to the words "there's no place like home". Go home and rest and heal. Both of you.

    Love. Paula & Brian