Friday, March 30, 2012


The think we will be able to leave by 1pm
Lots of medicine and instructions to go over

Scott ate a little mac and cheese last night, (a couple bites) and a yogurt  and banana this morning. Continues to drink protein drinks. It his working, his swelling is down. His BP is high so they are starting him on some BP meds this morning.

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers.

Please GOD, let this next two weeks heal Scott so he can handle the next round of chemo and the stem cell transplant.


Will be back online in a few days. :)



  1. I like how Mickey made the homecoming picture :) Safe travels and lots of continued prayers!

  2. Great news and home will bring healing in so many ways ..... Well .... when you walk in, give the bike a litte smile, say hi to the pup and YELL .... "HEY, YES I AM HOME".

    We continue to pray for healing.

    When you arrive home, as a Chaplain, the only issue I caution you your live in home nurse. I hear she is real, real hard and expects her orders to be followed. But perhaps she loves you !! :-)

    Rahlf and Ann Proulx

  3. Heck yeah it's about time. Great news, I bet Scott can't wait to be in his own home where he can rest a little easier than a hospital. Scott make sure you eat and get your strength back. We will continue to pray for you, get well soon.

  4. SO SO SO happy for you guys!!!! We hope you enjoy all the comforts of home. Still thinking about you both daily. Keep staying positive! Take care, Jen and Corie

  5. Glad to hear you are coming home, rest up and talk to you soon.

  6. Scott smiled when we pulled away from the hospital after he got a taste of some fresh air (Chicago style fresh, that is). When he got home, the first thing he wanted to do was stand by his fireplace and look out over his lawn. He didn't want to sit down, or lie down - he wanted to stand. Go Scott. Home Sweet Home.

  7. I'm so happy that both of you can finally be home. Enjoy being in the place you worked so hard to create for each other. I hope all the familiar sights, smells, and pets, serve to give you a hearty rebound in health and spirit.

    Praying God continues to give you the strength and faith that has gotten you through the extreme challenges of the past months.

    There's no place like home!


  8. Karen and Matt -- thanks for sharing safe journey home.

    Scott and Liz -- you have been on my mind all day today. I am so glad you can be home for now. When I was with my daughter this week, I showed her the picture you have posted of the fireplace. She thought it was beautiful - and was amazed that you had built it Scott. You continue to amaze us with your strength and faith.

    I've no doubt home will provide rest and peace and healing. Thoughts, prayers, and our love will to be with you each day.