Monday, April 2, 2012

Back Home...for now. April 2, 2012

So nice to be back home, but this home health care is a LOT of work. Scott is getting slowly better, but he is very very weak. He walks with a walker (which I have named Scott Walker) and sleeps most of the time, but less and less each day. His fluids are getting under control, but not to the point where he can wear regular shoes, still in slippers.

Thank you all for your prayers to help his appetite come back. At first he literally forced himself to eat, but now has worked up to small portions. He can't stomach everything, it is mostly texture that puts him off. He can't eat bread, which is ironic because that used to be his favorite food. He asked for ham of all things. So has been eating ham twice a day. I make up a plate of the few things he has been ok with and then include one new mystery item on each plate to see how it goes. If I ask him if he wants something he says no, but if I put it on the plate he will at least try it. Peas were new last night, and he liked them.

I have become a professional at flushing his PICC lines, although one is clotted. We go to the clinic today for his first bloodwork since he left. They will unclot the line with heprin.

We do drugs twice a day, and I triple check them all. We got a generic that was not on the list so I had to look it up on the internet to make sure it was the same drug. I am not a nurse, and have gained so much respect for them that I would encourage any young person that wants to make a difference in the world to become one.

I sleep so good it is ridiculous, but am still exhausted. Scott sleeps good, but gets up because his backside hurts. The goes out in the living room mid night and sleeps on the sofa on his side to take the pressure off.

Ever the trouper, he continues his occupational and physical therapies, and his breathing toys. He even tried bowling on the Wii after I got it hooked up.

The birds are back, chickadees, juncos, robin, sparrow, siskens, peewee, downy and hairy woodpeckers, cardinals, sandhill cranes, and much to my delight our grouse is drumming all day! Poor guy, I hope he attracts a lady friend, as he is the only one we have seen around.

Karen stopped on her way back to Chicago yesterday, and brought susters chicken. I overdosed on it, and am still full.

Dogs are getting used to the paw washing routine every time they come in. Pookie did not even wag his tail when he saw me, I think both he and boss miss Maria's all inclusive. Mickey was as excited to see the other dogs as he was Scott. He has either learned or senses that daddy can't be attacked with love and kisses like he used to, so he settles for Scott petting his back as he stands next to his recliner.

I am very scared about the next round of Chemo and Stem Cell transplant. He needs to be strong for that as it is more intense than the last. If he can avoid the complications of  pneumonia and cardiac issues, it will be a blessing. The hope is one more month in the hospital, and then another month in an apartment in Chicago. We have an appointment with his primary doctor in Chicago on the 12th and will know more after that.

I'm calling in sick to work today, need to get Scott to the Clinic, go to the DMV to get a handicapped sticker for the car, and go get more ham!

He is still not able to focus on emails, TV, or reading. His voice is getting stronger, but only a few words at a time. One day at a time.



  1. Thanks for the update Betty, I was suffering from blog withdrawel. Am still praying daily for Scott. Love & Hugs, Debbie

  2. Keep up that wonderful positive attitude! I love the story of the dogs because our Maxwell was a bit confused on the paw wiping too but now is being very cooperative. I think they really sense what is going on! We are off to the Doctor this afternoon for blood tests also. Bill has only been from the couch to the bed and back since Friday! Stay strong! Kay

  3. Thanks for the update. I think about you all the time and wonder how it is going. Hopefully we can talk later. It is pretty queit around here without the bark patrol squardron going off every minute or so. Even Taylor said for the first time in mt/her life, "Mother, I don't know how you do everything you do and then all the dogs." I think every Mother waits for that moment in life when there children realize that. I am sorry Pookie wasnt "acting" all excited to see you both. You always said he "had no allegeinece" and "any hand will do. I just think he is simply confused. Good Luck on the outing to the doctor. Hopefully we can talk later tonight. Let me know if you need me to grocery shop or anything else. I can run it down the road. P.S. I am sorry I wasn't around to do the last of the swipe of cleaning prior to you coming home. I hope it was till acceptable.

  4. Liz & Scott - so happy to see an update...I was missing you! Sounds like things are going pretty good, all things considered. Cherish this time you have at home. I pray for him to get stronger everyday! Hugs!

  5. Betty & Scott,
    Just want to send you my love. I check your blog every day and pray for healing and strength for you both. Love, Cynthia

  6. Thanks for the update. We are praying that Scott gets better everyday.
    The Schuette's

  7. Still praying for you both every day! I know you're busy and probably a bit overwhelmed at times, but if you'd like to go for a walk sometime this week, let me know and I'll drive over and walk with you. I promise I won't even ask to come in. In fact, I'll even bring tissue along and sanitizer just in case I have to "go" at some point. I'm not afraid to, er, water the lawn :) Anything for you!

  8. So happy you are home and he is eating again. dogs are so smart, they always know what to do when it is important. Enjoy the comforts of home as much as you can. Thanks for the updates, I've gotten use to checking for it every morning. love ya, Pam & Troy

  9. I didn't expect an update so early. Figured you two would be holed up for at least a week. Life sounds hectic but I'm sure you're both happy to be home. Continue to pray for you both.

  10. Susters chicken and no chocolate shake ?? So glad you are home. What a perfect time of year to rejuvenate. Thanks so much for the update. If there is anything we can help with -- please call! Thoughts and prayers continue for both of you!