Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Slow and steady wins the race.....quick update April 3, 2012

Got Scotts blood counts and they are great...

White Blood Cells 2.7 (was .9 when we left the hospital Friday)
Red Blood 8.7 (can't remember what it was Friday but anything above 8 is good)
Platelets 157!!!! (were 30 ish when we left Friday)

So all this means he is making his own blood and enough of it to not need a transfusion.

He is still struggling with his appetite, but GOD bless him for forcing himself to eat.

Continued rest and recovery is the plan. Still weak, tired and a bit foggy, but a little better every day.



  1. Scott, great to hear you are producing your own blood. We will continue to pray for you to get stronger and get your appetite back. It must be great for you two to be home, get lots of rest and take care.

  2. Great news!!!!!Looking forward to celebrating transplant success with our boys!