Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ok, so today I think I'm with it enough to post for myself.  I'm still pretty weak, but getting stronger each day.  Betty takes such good care of me.  I want to do the stem cell transplant, but they nearly killed me twice.  I put my faith in God and get strength from Him.  I only want visitors that are family, I don't have the energy for more.  My sense of humor was lost fo a while but may be coming back.

God Bless,


  1. Scott,
    I don't know you yet but looking forward to meeting you some day! I do know you are in great hands with God leading the medical team and Betty by your side. She really is watching your back!

    Kay (a fellow Prentice wife)

  2. YEA!!!!!!!!!! So good to hear from you !! Your dear sweet Bette Liz has done a wonderful job keeping us up to date. Prayers continue for both of you !

  3. Scott, So glad to see you posting again and am looking forward to your special brand of humor to come back. Every day you are one step closer to your goal. Love & Hugs, Debbie

  4. Welcome back Scott! Continued prayers for a speedy recovery.

  5. Glad to see you are getting some of your energy back and are able to post on your own. Both my wife and I wish you and Betsy the best.

  6. Great to see you post, remember baby steps no need for a marathon yet, as always I am here whenever you need, and will await your visit when you are ready. Until you went to Chicago I never realized how often I prayed, I guess I thought you would come back in a bears jacket!


    1. That would have been great if Scott came back in a Bears jacket. haha Scott, glad to see your feeling good enough to post yourself.


  7. God Bless you Scott, hang in there buddy and let the Lord lead the way...Love, Laura & Mike

  8. Scott, glad to see you are posting. I'm sure your sense of humor will comeback with your health. Stay positive!