Tuesday, March 27, 2012

11:30 AM

Docs came by and all had grins on their faces. They were very happy to see his numbers going up. They said to prepare though, as they expect he will get sicker as his white blood cells start to battle the  pneumonia in his lungs. I don't know when, how bad, how long or what kind of sick, but I am bracing for it. I am pushing him to drink protein drinks every time he opens his eyes. he is annoyed, but I figure I need to load him up if he is going to be real sick, because my guess is he won't want to eat anything during that time.

I on the other hand, just finished off a whole can of pringles. I am pretty much the poster child for stress eating right now.

Porcupine Mountains, Fall 2011
Scott is sleeping now, but was up for a couple of hours out of the bed in the chair and believe it or not he wanted to play Wii bowling. I set up a chair in front of the TV and he stood behind it, one hand on the chair and played the video game. It was as exhausting as running a marathon for him, but even though he can't say it, he knows how important it is for him to do something. I love him so much for continuing to do the right thing even though it is so difficult.

Prayers for continued rising counts and the pneumonia to clear quickly

GOT tons of cards, I asked Scott if he wanted to open them and he wants to wait until later. Also, got the most wonderful Banner signed by all the PD. The banner along with a fantastic box of magazines and cards made by the children of Open Bible Baptist Church in Manitowoc were HAND delivered by Pastor Harrison last night while we slept. I cried as I read each of the children's cards, especially the real little ones (5yrs) that needed a little help writing there names. The banners is fantastic. I read each of the names to Scott and he nodded his head. I hope that he can enjoy the personal notes when he is able to read himself. Whoever put those Birds and Blooms magazines in that box, God Bless you. I so miss our home and the spring smells. Heck I even miss the weeds. but especially I miss the birds. All I have seen here are crows, sparrows and one cardinal, oh and seagulls and a couple of ducks when I went down to the lake one day.

Thank you so much Pastor Harrison and all of you that donated those magazines and signed the banner. Also, I believe Pastor's wife made the actual banner. Thank you. I'm not crafty, so I am always amazed at what other people can create.



He still feel terrible maybe even a little more so, and it is still a long long way from out of the woods, but the numbers are  climbing!!!!!!

Will post more after I get a shower and coffee and the docs come by.



  1. Awesome!!! Hopefully this is the turning point that you've been waiting for. Prayers continue. Hugs!

  2. This is great! Tell Scott Lippert stopped by and dropped off some stuff for him and he said a while back that Scott did not think he would find anyone to share his life with...HELLO BETTY. All things are possible if you just have faith. Keep doubling those numbers! Love, Cindy

  3. So great his numbers are going up. I hope they double each day until they are back to normal. Praying for good labs and clear lungs. Love & hugs to you both, Debbie

  4. Up, Up, and away way out of there. It's so great to hear that Scott's numbers are up! and fun that you guys did some bowling....Excellent. love and prayers, candy

  5. Hey Scott hang in there finally we hear numbers on the way up, thanks for giving us a scare. Now eat get your strength back and beat this stuff. I wish you and Betty all the best and pray for you daily.

  6. Glad to hear the good news! Praying for your recovery daily. Matt

  7. Yay dad!!!!!! The only lung damage you are going to have is from the crushing hugs rachel, Kenna and I can't wait to give you. Keep going dad. We want you home! We miss you sooooooo much it's ridiculous.
    Love always,
    Erica and makenna

  8. glad to hear you have had some brighter news today and a gift box. please know that i am thinking of you often throughout the day. i wanted to call but absolutely no cell service. seems as taylor is about to shoot pookie and has gone out and bought a gun..lol...no children in that girls near future....hopefully! on the other hand she loves boss although it sounds as if the table has turned and boss is interested in the bark but the bark is not a bit interested in her. "crazy" is how she put it. she did say every dog is fine. love to both you and scott!!!!

  9. Thanks for the wonderful update! Thinking of you and praying for you always. Oh -- and I saw another penny today --- good stuff !

  10. Scott and Betty, great news about the numbers going up. I know Scott does not feel like doing much, but sitting up and playing wii is a great start. We will be praying for more good news.

  11. Great to hear that the numbers are on their way up! I think that Nazi Nurse Betty is making it happen. GO NNB Go!!! Love ya guys Pam & Troy