Monday, March 26, 2012

11:15 AM March 26, 2012   Day 47

Update - 7:30pm

No Doppler today, they will do it tomorrow. Just as well, Scott is really wiped out today. Occupational therapy came by and had him do his exercises. He passed with flying colors. Still not really eating, although he ate a yogurt to appease me today. The docs said that he needs more protein to keep the fluids from leaking out of cells, that is what edema is. So I went to the store again and got protein drink smoothies, bolthouse and naked brands. Got a variety and good thing. Brought him a chocolate thing and he would not even try it, more in a fruit mood.

He just got platelets, no red blood tonight, so yay, better chance of 2 hours uninterrupted sleep! they take his CBC blood around 2am, and those are the results we get when the docs come by. Anxious to see if the WBC went up. That is really what is going to get him out of this valley.

Got mail today, city hall card, very nice, and a package from my friend Barb. We worked together at UWGB, and despite her own trials and tribulations, she has been a great support. She sent the dog, and I busted out laughing when I realized it was THE Taco Bell Dog, hence the video vs. a pic.

That's all for now, pray hard. Thanks.

Not much new, docs just left, wbc still .2, red blood holding (has not needed a transfusion in 2 days!) chest xray from yesterday shows the same, which the docs said is great news.

Will post more later, need to get laundry done and return by 2pm as they are holding off on a dopler of his arm and his water pills till I return per my request. I don't trust them taking him to another building for a test. Gloves and masks.....I am the Nazi.


  1. Way to go Dad!!!! Keep up the good work.
    Love you always,
    Erica and Makenna xoxo

  2. Stay strong Scott. All of Gods prayers and thoughts are wrapped around you and Betty to keep you safe & strong. Betty I bet laundry never seem so nice to do, to break up the day. I wish I could do it for you! Thank you so much for taking time and updating us all on Scott. God has a plan for us all and I know for myself I often wonder/SAY WHAT IS YOUR PLAN NOW FOR ME/US? But, I have always found that it always seems to work out. GOD IS GOOD. Dick & Joanne

  3. Mr mickey flushed out three huge deer this morning, he is smart enough not to chase them but the other three stooges chased them through the mud and gave up and returned extremely muddy. They all has a blast. Remember in the bible Jesus took some fish and bread and fed hundreds, I am sure he could do that with white blood cells. I will put in an order. .2 to as many as it takes to give pneumonia the boot. Love you guys. Cindy

  4. Cindy finally showed me how to do this but I still can't log in with my Gmail so I have to post anonymously. Just wanted to say that I am thinking of you. Stephanie

  5. Love you and mlss you, we are praying for both of you, wish. We could do more
    Donnie + sue

  6. Scott and Betty, we are thinking of you. We are praying Scott starts feeling better, so he can be being like his old self. Take care, Steve and Carol

  7. i cannnot think who better to play now day hitler than you. just kidding but not really. keep up the strength to be the voice for your love in life. thinking of you frequently throughout the day. love to my

  8. I know it's been an extremely trying time and a much harder struggle than you were probably prepared for, but you're both doing an amazing job and with love and prayer, you will get through this and come out on the other side stronger than ever. We love you and are praying for the very best for you! xo

    Trina and Mike