Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Possy" from Karen


The doctors went over everything again and decided against the white blood cell transfusion. Too risky.

It's all on team Scott. GOD, Scott, me and all of you.

Scott's WBC is .2 It had been .1. The docs said it is still basically zero I say it is twice as good as it was yesterday! And I am right:)


Day 46      We want to go home

Docs came in. Scott will be getting his donor white blood cells at 6am. This is to fight the pneumonia, as none of the antibiotics are working and his own white blood cells are non existent. The infusion can have side effect ranging from nothing, to high fevers, lung damage and cardiac issues.

Scott has not eaten anything solid in about a week.
He does not say more than 2 words at a time.
He sleeps 20+ hours a day
I have not seen his smile in weeks.
He continues to have fevers and spit up blood every time he coughs

I have special prayer requests - read them out loud if you can.

GOD, Please give Scott the desire to start eating again to gain strength and health.

GOD, Please let the white blood cells that Scott will receive work quickly to clear his lungs with no adverse side effects.

GOD, Please heal your child, Scott. Make him whole and strong, let him laugh and run. Let him return home to live a good long life with his family and friends.


We have been here so long that all of the doctors we started with have moved on to different assignments. We have one doctor for the second time, Frank Zhao, he did the biopsy after the first round of chemo that had the poor results.

Another day of waiting. At least something will be different tomorrow. Something needs to happen.

Thanks all for your support.


  1. Betty, I think you need to start adding a prayer in there for you too. GOD, please continue giving Betty the amazing strength to watch over Scott and to be his voice and his hope.


  2. I have included Saint Peregrine, the patron saint for persons suffering from cancer, to my prayers for Scott. May he pass this critical point and begin to recover. Love & healing thoughts to you both, Debbie

  3. Dad,
    Praying that the white blood cells do the right thing and make you well without any side effects for once...we need you dad. Hang in there. We love you sooooooo much and we miss you now more than ever. Rachel and I talk about you coming home almost everyday. Im so sorry you have to be foing through this. But there musr be a reason. I have been focusing on that. You will be better soon dad. Just stay strong. Keep sleeping and let yoyr body heal. Betty, again, you are amazing and thank you. Love you both.
    Erica xoxo

  4. Get better so Mr Mickey can see you soon. He misses his mother and father. Love and prayers, Shae

  5. as im typing this shae and Mickey are sitting together in the chair and they look really cute Mickey is really happy and we are all hoping you get better soon. Good Luck i love you love lauren=]

  6. Betty, I believe Scott knows a lawyer named Mike Lambert, well, Dan and I were walking in scheuttes park and Mike and Mary have a older golden retriever named sasha and it was 515 am so kind of dark, and I asked him how old sasha was and he said 13 and I said I think that is so cute that she walks with a stuffed animal in her mouth, he looked at me and then at sasha, yikes she had a dead muskrat in her mouth. It was really funny, because it looked like those things they sell at Fleet Farm. Well I am now praying to St peregrine :) :) I remember it as pair of grin. Love to you both. Cindy

    1. Scott has been talking a lot in his sleep. Yesterday he was saying muskrat or mousetrap. I could not tell which because he had his oxygen mask on so it sounded a little darth vadar-ish. I would like to think he was walking with you.

    2. ask him where he wants to go tomorrow. i am off for four days

  7. Scott,

    Today I went to mass, thinking I would enjoy the Sacrament, then stay later to pray. I was determined to pray my brains out. I wanted to enjoy the beautiful church in silence, reflect on life, and have a word with God. Perfect!

    As everyone left, and the musicians picked up their things, the church gradually grew louder with activity, and new musicians replaced the others. As I sat patiently for the commotion to subside, I realized it was not to be. What I was witnessing was a group Baptism for 5 infants!

    Reluctant but accepting, I began my departure. Upon my descent from the balcony, I began to hear Pastor Tom Hurley addressing the God Parents, giving them their commission. He assured them GodParenting wasn't just for Birthdays and Christmas, but for all the time, and for many reasons. Taken seriously, this job entails guiding the child toward a life of Christianity, to trust in God and to rely on Him for guidance, and ultimately, for salvation.

    As Christians of all denominations, we have been called to witness to others in our words and in our actions. The world seems to bear down on us at times in ways that might obscure our path to God. I set out to devote my afternoon to prayer, but the date with God came in an entirely different form. As always, I was grateful I had the sense to listen, and wondered how many times I let the noise interfere with an important message from God.

    So try to be ready for those moments when God is revealing the Glory of His Word in plain view. I really love those special visits, and they always come when you least expect.

    God Bless You!

    Love, Matt

  8. My thoughts and prayers are with you both. Love, hugs and GOD'S blessings be with you two. Sharon

  9. Scott and Betty,

    I have prayed the prayers you have posted, and continue to pray for you both during this run. Your faith has literally been God-sent, and for that I give thanks to our God.

    May God bless you this day and every day, and may you always experience God's love in irresistible ways.

    Peace be with you both,