Saturday, March 24, 2012

Locking the helmet on the motorcycle
March 24, 2012         
Room change 1687

No white blood cells yet. Scott got platelets and red blood last night which equals a terrible nights sleep but the good news it he has "hung on" to those blood products, which may be a sign  he is making a little bit of something . He is as down as you we pray that this is the "darkest before the light" portion of our camping trip.

This is the day that the LORD has made. I wrote that on the whiteboard. It is Psalm 118:24  - we sing it at  church, Scott picked that one out for our wedding. I am not particularly fond of the melody, but the message is great. Scott agreed.

Docs just left. The donor white blood cells are expected to arrive tomorrow night. They will immediately start working on the pneumonia and he will feel worse. Hard to believe he could feel worse than he does now. GOD Bless him. He still does his breathing toy exercises, mouth rinses and occupational therapy exercises. He feels like he is dying, but the doctors and nurses assure him he is not, that it just feels like it. I think we have all had a fever for a day or two and remember how wiped out you feel. Dehydrated, weak, tired...well he has had he fever for 2 weeks +. Plus pneumonia.

New drugs today, one kind of like tums to try to help with his distended abdomen, Adavan(sp) to try to alleviate his fear of eating and relax him an allow him to sleep, and a new antibiotic.

So Shar, our tech yesterday came in and whispered that one of the bigger rooms opened up. The request had to come from the patient, so I said yes yes yes. When they came back later to tell Scott he was changing rooms he said no, then I threw him the look, and he said ok. The room is the same with about another 6X6 area between the foot of the bed and the TV. Perfect for the Wii when Scott is feeling better. I ordered a Wii fit with balance board. I read it is really good for rehab exercise and I figure we can ue it at home too, since I doubt I will even be going to the Y for fear of bringing home germs. The room also has 2 full sized windows about 7X7 each, the view is skyscrapers, and a tiny bit of the lake.

Yesterday Scott thought he had a taste for coco pebbles. I walked to the grocery store an got some. For dinner I poured a bowl and added the milk. He took one mouthful and threw up. He is living on ensures now. The nurse we have today is beyond excellent, she is one that tells you exactly what she is doing, what drugs you are getting, how much, what they do etc. and he listens to her. She suggested trying one solid food today, maybe a couple bites of oatmeal, something,, so I think he will try. Kathy, the nurse is so thoughtful, she suggested putting off the water pills that make him pee every 15 minutes until he got a nap from the Adavan. Smart Lady, and really cares. Thank you GOD for her.

It is amazing how your whole day can be filled up with doctors, trips to the bathroom, a shower for me, one for Scott, eating, and drinking, but it is. I suppose the fact that Scott is beyond exhausted and I am getting there does not help, but it is hard to even get this blog out some days!

Funny that 43 days ago we chuckled about a goal of a shower. Today we have that same goal and  it seems like a mountain to climb.

Keep the faith, keep praying, and go have some fun this weekend for Scott and tell us all about it.

Thanks everyone for being there.



  1. Happy weekend you two! When this is all behind you I think you should use this blog to write a book. Seriously, I think it could help others. Your comparison of 43 days ago when you chuckled at your big goal of taking a shower and now it seems exhausting, really shows the toll that it can take on a person. You're strong people and you WILL get through it. My thoughts and prayers are always with you.

  2. Betty, thank you so much for keeping us all up to date on what is happening. It must be very hard as you grow more weary yourself. Know that we are all praying for you as well as Scott. You are a beautiful couple. We are going to a wedding tonight. The best I can hope for them, is a love like yours. Prayers for brighter tomorrows. love ya both, candy

  3. Scott and Betty,
    Lately, when I think about my life, I tend to feel kind of small. The longer I live, the bigger the world seems, and I wonder how I fit into the world around me. Kind of humbling to think the small part I play in the scheme of things. I am often confused as to what God wants to show me, what I need to understand about my life. I constantly wonder what He means to teach me, through the many things that happen.

    Anyway, I want you to know that brave people who endure through difficult times are the ones who give people like me encouragement to get through our own difficulties. When people ask me how I am, I say that I have no problems. That is partly because I know God is with me no matter what I have on my plate, and partly because I can't stand to hear myself complain when so many people I know and love are suffering real hardship and loss. Granted I've had some problems, and more are surely ahead. But just knowing that others have gone through terribly difficult times gives me hope that I can someday, somehow do the same, and inspire others as I have been inspired. It gives me another reason to thank God for you, and all the truly special people in my life. Hope to be able to visit soon,
    Love, Matt

    1. I agree with everyowing you said Mike. Well put:)

  4. This must be where the phrase "stronger than dirt" comes from. And why scott is called "dirt". Keep up your strength. I am working today and thankful to God that I can. I am happy you have a better room, change is good. Maybe scott could try eating coco pebbles with vanilla ensure. Prayers and love to you. Kisses from Mr. Mickey

  5. Hay Scott & Betty,

    Hang in there! Go to your memories of happy times, trips you have taken together. Each day is a new journey with God by your side. We pray Scott turns the corner soon & knocks the big "C" on its ass! God Bless! Sending love & prayers your way...

    Laura & Mike

  6. Scott and Betty, you are in our thoughts and prayers and I hope Scott starts feeling better tomorrow. Take care you two.