Friday, March 23, 2012

Update 955:AM - DAY 44

Docs just left. He will be getting red blood, platelets and they have been looking for white blood cells to give him also to help fight the pneumonia. They said it is very rare that they do that, and they are not just something you order up, they have a search out for them. We asked our nurse, Jon, and he said he has only seen that twice before. That is concerning  - but we have a habit of not doing things the easy way. We are still praying that his own white blood cells start coming back very soon, like today. GOD is right in the room with us as always.

Please Pray -

Please GOD, let them find some white blood cells to give Scott today to help rid him of the pneumonia.

Please GOD, let Scott's numbers start coming up and give him the strength to fight the pneumonia and gain health.

Please GOD, let Scott' appetite come back so he will eat to help him get stronger.

Please GOD, keep the cancer cells at bay until we can get the stem cell transplant.

Please GOD, give us any good news you can to boost Scott's spirits and give him something positive to focus on.


Extreme close up...not sure when maybe  2010 ?
Thanks everybody.

I have not posted anything yet because I am waiting for the doctors. He seems worse this morning which might be a sign of his white cells coming up. They said his pneumonia will get worse when that happens. his blood counts had to be redone. The ones from last night they think were diluted - so everything was way way way low. They re took the blood and we are waiting for the results and the doctors, as soon as they arrive I will share the news.



  1. Said the prayer and will keep saying the prayer.
    Hang in there Scott. Betty, sending you a big, long hug.
    Love, Debbie

  2. Ditto -- said the prayer and will keep saying the prayer.