Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Chaplain

Aaron is one of the Chaplains here. I really like him. he is about our age, has kids just a little younger than us and it a real down to earth guy with a sense of humor. He had stopped by early this morning, because he was on the floor, and told us e would be back with communion in the afternoon.

Aaron came back, we prayed, he read some passages from the bible and then we had Communion. Then he asked for the bible he gave us. He said he just thought of something and flipped to psalm 8 and read:

Yahweh, our Lord,
how magnificent is Your name throughout the earth!
You have covered the heavens with Your majesty.[a]
2 Because of Your adversaries,
You have established a stronghold[b]
from the mouths of children and nursing infants
to silence the enemy and the avenger.
3 When I observe Your heavens,
the work of Your fingers,
the moon and the stars,
which You set in place,
4 what is man that You remember him,
the son of man that You look after him?
5 You made him little less than God[c][d]
and crowned him with glory and honor.
6 You made him lord over the works of Your hands;
You put everything under his feet:[e]
7 all the sheep and oxen,
as well as the animals in the wild,
8 the birds of the sky,
and the fish of the sea
that pass through the currents of the seas.
9 Yahweh, our Lord,
how magnificent is Your name throughout the earth!

As he was finishing reading the nurse came in, then the dermatologists, and Aaron, kind of got rushed out.

Well he came back about 7pm, and we were surprised.Aaron said he felt compelled to come back. Scott managed to squeak out that he was scaring him. Aaron was very emotional.

Aaron said that GOD actually spoke to him about Scott, and that he needed to explain that psalm, which he did not get a chance to do when he was rushed out.

He told Scott that GOD has not forsaken him, that what the psalm talks about is how magnificent man is and how GOD watches over us. He told Scott he has been through the valley of death, and that GOD is with him every step and is still with him. Aaron was choking up. So of course I started crying(Carol). Aaron then held our hands and prayed with us again. Scott was choked up too. It was very real. I have to believe that Scott will turn the corner SOON. Aaron, said, down but NOT out.

Please read the psalm as you pray for Scott.

God bless all of you for your support.



  1. Amen....To GOD give the glory. Beautiful story of GOD's love for all HIS children. Continued prayers for strength and healing. ....Tonia Froling

    1. Tonia - We got the Shamrock today! So thoughtful, and your letter was truly touching. God Bless you and thank you. The picture of the boys was great, and yes.. the jumper:)

  2. God bless that chaplain for being there for you. God gives us opportunities, but it's up to us to act upon them. Aaron, the chaplain, acted upon the opportunity to offer profound support and a healing message to you and Scott, through HIS word. What a blessing. K

  3. He gives us signs, we may not understand them,,,, But he gives us signs! We ALL pray for you and Scott, That is the easy part, But You and Scott are doing the hard stuff,and I am amazed at the strength and courage the two of you show us EVERY day.

    Thank You

  4. Tears of comfort my friends, they rank right up there with the tears of joy. Kiss the Cop and hug the chaplain for me. Love and prayers are with you both -- always.

  5. Wow, very powerful stuff. Choked me up too. Scott is in the best hands he could possibly be in. Continued prayers.