Saturday, April 14, 2012

 April 14th 2012

Check out the new Calendar tab....

Just so my siblings know, Betty changes the pictures.  Today is supposed to be 70degrees.  I got the chains and counter weights off the rider and now I just need to hook up the mower deck.  It feels good to do things on my own, I just take more breaks and go at it more slowly.  I will be able to cut the grass until we leave and God willing I should be strong enough when I return.  While in the hospital our neighbor Dale takes care of it.  I am very grateful.  I was in the shed working on getting the mower deck out and the grouse is maybe 20 ft behind the shed.  He doesn't care he just keeps drumming away.  Mickey fetches the ball fairly close and same thing, he sticks to his business.  It's good that I have less medical news for a while, I get stronger every day, it doesn't show in my arms but my legs are getting some tone from all the walking.

God Bless,


  1. Scott, it sooo fun to read about the things you are being able to do. it gives appreciation for the all we tend to take for granted. life is good. can't wait for our sibling-plus lunch! keep getting stronger.
    love and prayers, candy

  2. Scott, The addition of the calender is a great idea. Glad to hear you are able to tackle the lawn. The grouse needs a name, I am growing attached to him through your blogs. Love & Hugs, Debbie

  3. I don't believe I have ever seen a grouse but you should call him Ringo. The everyday things you are doing will get you back in average Joe shape, you can work on the Lance stuff later. My continued prayers for your strength for both of you. Love, Cindy

  4. Hi Scott,

    So glad to hear that your home and that you keep improving! Tom and I think of you often and pray for you're continued strengh through this whole ordeal. You and Betty are very blessed to have each other and families that care for you. Hang in there Buddy!!

    Tom-Wendy Meyer :)