Friday, April 13, 2012

Yesterday I saw my transplant Dr., Olga.  She said she wanted to give me a couple of weeks to gain strength.  Shesaid I need to get some sheeks.  I lost some hearing from the last two rounds, so I asked Sheeks?  and she grabbed my face and said yes sheeks, I then figured out cheeks.  I was 203 the last time I was in her office late January and I'm now 161.  I should be on Ophra.  So then the bone marrow biopsy started without any happy meds because last time Sue did the biopsy it went very well.  This time she had trouble getting a good bone sample so it was really uncomfortable and today it hurts when in the past the next day it didn't.  The Stacie, the transplant coordinator nurse came in and I am scheduled to go back in on 04-25, I'll start chemo the next day, it will be four days of chemo, different that before but also stronger than the other two.  Then I get two days rest (lol) and the next day they call day 0 I get the stem cells.  So I have just short of two weeks to get my body ready for another assault.  Oh yea, Dr. Olga did admit "I almost killed you."  My match is domestic, meaning in the USA, same blood type, never exposed to this one virus or bacteria as am I.  The big thing after the stem cells are given to me will be that they graft (take hold and produce) and keeping any rejection issues in check.  Boy, I can't wait :(  But at least I can now look forward as these are the final steps towards a cure and I cannot get anymore chemo.

God Bless,


  1. Scott we will be praying for your continued recovery and that you stay on schedule for the next phase of your treatment. If you need eating coaches, let me know. Carlos and I can help, we probably have not weighed 161 pounds, since 1st grade. We played tennis the other day for the first time. I was sore the next day. Not the same without you there. Take care.

  2. Scott,

    I am sorry to hear the biopsy didn't go as well as before but hopefully the results will be encouraging! Looks like my husband, Bill, will be a bit ahead of you instead of the other way around as originally planned. The one things I have learned about this journey is to be flexible, as the plan changes daily! He is still, at this point, scheduled for chemo on the 23rd and day 0 on the 24th. We met a nice man whose wife is getting ready to go home after 16 days! My prayer for you and Bill is that you get through this as quickly and comfortably as possible. Please know you remain in our thoughts and prayers. Tell Betty to bulk you up with some milk shakes and I will see her on 16 Prentice!


  3. Congrats on getting the date transfer date! Dont worry about the weight. It will come back soon enough. Hell. I've gained everything I lost plus ten pounds.