Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sorry for the late post, our internet was out.  I got my blood results and my hemoglobin was 10.3, I don't think I have been that high for a year, platelets are in normal range nearing mid range of normal. and my ANC, the part of the white blood that fights infection was just approaching low normal.  Praise the Lord!  I walked just a bit further today, and I stopped at work to show off my new slender frame.  I'm still wondering what the plan is but I sure would be good with another week before going back.  I often wished that I could have a long time off work, I can tell you now it's not for me.  I know it will be better when I have the strength to do some things I enjoy, but I would rather be working.

God Bless
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  1. Congrats on the blood counts!

    I agree that being stuck off work for an extended time sucks, especially if you don't have much to do. Even working from home gets old really fast.

    Don't worry though. Time passes quickly and you will be back soon enough.

  2. Scott it was great to see you today. Did you tell Betty you were so happy to be at the PD, you kissed the floor! Just kidding. Take care.

  3. Jeff has a recall walker bumper sticker. That is wayyyyy toooo funny!! Glad to hear something is going your way for a change.

  4. you are clever! i'll definately sign that petition. glad your counts are heading in the right direction! even more glad that you are out and about! prayers, hugs and love, candy