Monday, April 9, 2012

Blood test today.  I go to the Bellin Cancer Center and they do my blood test and send them to Chicago.  I go to Chicago Thursday and I hope to hear a timeline/plan.  Not that I'm all excited about being poisoned to the brink of death again, but I would like to get this over with and be as free of doctors as much as possible.  I'm walking full laps of our street now.  I rode the bike Pete put together for me that Betty bough while I was out of it.  I'm going down to the lab to get my motorcycles ready for a possible future ride:)

God Bless,


  1. Good luck with all your tests. I am very happy to hear you are getting around better. Enjoy:), Love and prayers, Cindy

  2. Scott, we are praying for good results for your blood test and you are healthy to start the stem cell transplant as soon as possible. So you can get back to normal, it's probably hard for you to remember that. Take care. P.S. Betty, Scott is very lucky to have you by his side, you are doing a great job taking care of him.

  3. Scott and Betty it was so good to see you two today. Scott you really did walk all that way to my house. So glad you are out and getting around . Good thing you had Betty Walker with you. We will keep praying everyday for you. God Bless Tom and Nancy

  4. Wonderful Scott, glad to hear the Wing is on your mind.....Hey you still have a Wing??

    As I look and listen ..... you have so many people in your spiritual, family amd friend support system and that is wonderful.

    In Prayer

    Ann and Rahlf