Sunday, April 8, 2012

What a wonderful Easter Sunday.  The sun is shining, our pet grouse is beating away on a log just inside the woods.  He's on a ten minute cycle.  I hope he finds a female and we get more grouse around.  You know Easter has become even more special.  I can face this cancer knowing that I'm in a win-win situation.  If the Lord gives me a cure I get more time with friends and loved ones.  If the Lord takes me I know my sins are forgiven and I will be in heaven where there are no worries.  Bless all of you this Easter Sunday.


  1. Happy Easter!


  2. Happy Easter Scott & Betty! Hope your grouse finds his special someone. Love & Hugs, Debbie

  3. Happy Easter Liz & Scott! What a wonderful attitude you have are an inspiration. Love, hugs, and unending prayers.

  4. Happy Easter, So happy to hear you are growing stronger and more independent daily. Your strength and faith is so inspiring. God is good and does have a plan for us all.
    So glad to hear Betty is able to get out also. Home is a great place to heal. Looking forward to seeing you both someday. Dick and Joanne

  5. Happy Easter Scott and Betty! Enjoy the day with your family! Love, prayers, and blessings, Bill and Candy

  6. Happy Easter Scott, Betty, and the boys. It is a beautiful day, you cannot loose with your attitude. The world is a better place for us with you in it. I run into people everyday whose life you touched. God is giving you more strength everyday I like to think he is not ready for you yet.(my selfish reasoning). Love you guys, enjoy your family today! Cindy

  7. Hi Scott and Betty,

    I don't remember if I told you that at Holy part of my ministry is with hospice. There have been many times when after visiting my patients and their family's I stop and ask myself ... who helped who. What you posted is truly Easter and that special and wonderful being who is filled with so much love and always loves and forgives us all. I guess I should load both of you in my car and visit patients :-). The God of our deams stated he will always walk with us in GOOD, BAD of UGLY of life. Now we can add another job to you life .... taking God to those who are not sure there is a God.

    Hey, Ann and I heard you and Betty were at church today with your mask and cane. Chris and Daryl Hanson shared they and others are so very, very happy to see you and Betty and looking forward to your future visits, and I hear the pastor is wonderful.

    Easter Blessing and hang in there after all your sisters are _______ well you know they love you :-)

    Rahlf and Ann

  8. Happy Easter Scott and Betty! We are thinking of you two today. Stay postive and we hope you are getting stronger each day.

  9. I am so happy to hear that each day you are getting stronger. That is a blessing to ALL of us. One day at at time. Once you get out of "the forest" it will open up your whole new world. Keeping you in my prayers each day. Remember we did not sign up for this.

    Lori Klosterman