Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We are back.....

All checked in. Exhausted. We were checked into the exact same room that we started in back in February. I refused to unpack until I was assured this was the best they could do and we scored a bigger room that is is a little cubby of the hospital. We did not get to move into it until 7pm, but well worth it. It is a north facing window with a little view of the lake. It has a huge bathroom, extra room in the living area and it's own set of double doors to enter. It is super quiet because of that, and I feel "safe" here. Scott is sleeping and I am headed that way quick.

Mike gave us a ride down again so we don't have to pay to park our's about $250.00 a month. Was nice to spend a little time with him because I miss him. Thanks Mike.

My dear childhood friend Patty gave me the sweetest care package to take down with us.. she included window cling flowers - because she knows I will miss mine, and a Kleenex bird because she knows I miss the birds....I put them on my window sill next to my pull out bed.

I'm sure Scott will post in the morning...note the room number 1578.  Good night all!



  1. GOOD LUCK Scott & Betty!!!! We all know you can both do this! God bless both of you & take care!!

  2. That is the cutest thing I have seen...ever!