Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Today is the day that they harvest the donor stem cells

May 1, 2012.
Today the donor, a 35 year old male here in the USA, will have his procedure to extract his stem cells. Please say a prayer for him, that all goes well, that it is not painful or uncomfortable, that he can produce enough, and that they get here safely. I'm sure Scott will post soon, but I wanted to get this out there so everyone could keep "Donor Dan" in their thoughts today. The donor and recipient can meet but not until after a year passes.


GOD bless Donor Dan!!  This is me getting the new picc line.  The one I had only has two conections (lumens) and the replacement has three.  At 0600 I started on Tacrolumis (Prograf) and I will be on this 24/7 IV in the hospital and orally once released from the hospital.  The pic below is when I was getting the new picc line.  They didn't want any of my hair to contaminate the site :)))

God Bless,



  1. YAY DAD!!! Tomorrow is your Birthday:) GoodBye cancer!!! Good luck and we are praying for you... Love you lots.
    Erica nand Makenna

  2. Even behind a mask, I can tell Bedroom Eyes when I see them ;0) Stay the course, Scott...Dan's your main man now. You definitely need to fix a few of his tickets when this is over...and it will be over! Betty will have a few favors to ask, too!

    From your anonymous fan & AML compadre...Happy Re-Birthday in advance!

  3. God Bless Donor Dan....praying for every good thing to come you way!

    Love, Mike and Laura

  4. Scott, Good luck tomorrow, hope all goes well and you're on the road to remission. Lots of prayers and postive thoughts for you and your wonderful donor.
    Love & Hugs, Debbie

  5. Good luck Scott we are all praying for you. Hey by the way I have this great little torch you may be interested in when you get out :)

  6. God Bless Donor Dan !! Thinking of you today - and praying always!

    When I checked email this morning, I received notification from Be The Match that I am now registered. I thought it was pretty cool to receive this on the same day you are receiving stem cells. And yes -- I know most likely I am too old -- but have forwarded the information to the kids. www.BeTheMatch.org

    Love to you and Bette Liz !

  7. I am "Donor Dan". I've wondered where you're from and what you were like. I'm going to spend some time and read your blog.