Monday, April 30, 2012

Day -2, rest day.  From what?  The only thing I am getting a rest from is pulling Dilbert around with me.  But Dilbert sits at my bedside waiting for day 0 to go back on the job.  I got more nausea last night and even though I getting zoffran iv, i got a pill called compazine, that seemed to take the edge off.  I find myself fearing the complete lack of appetite I had last time, even though it may not happen this time.  My counts so far,
White blood cells day -7 =6.0   now day -2  = 3.7    Normal 3.5 - 10.5
Absolute Neutrophils -7 = 3.1                          3.4         "       1.5 - 8.0
Platelets                             138                          79         "      140 - 390
Hemoglobin                       10.7                        9.8         "      11'6 - 17.5

Absolute Neutrophils are the part of the whilte blood count that fights infection.
Platelets give you the ability to clot ( I get transfusions below 10,000 or 10 looking at it above.
Hemoglobin is the part of the redblood cells that carry oxygen ( I get transfusions when I go below 8 )

The counts will continue to drop for about two weeks at which time, Lord willing, the stem cells graft in the marrow and start producing clean, cancer free, blood.

God Bless,


  1. Hi Scott, Hope your nausea is under control and that it will be your only side effect of this round of chemo. I think Dilbert needs a break too. Hi to Betty!
    Love & Hugs,

  2. Scott, I hope you start feeling better. Does IL have medical Marijuana, maybe that would help with your nausea and apetite. Take care.