Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last day of chemo today :?  I'm just starting to feel mild effects, like right before my anti nausea medicine is due.  Monday and Tuesday are scheuled as rest days.  There all rest days in here.  There is one thing that is constant.  Each day I can't wait for tomorrow.  When I feel ok it is to move on and get it over with and when I'm sick, it's to get my immune system running again and to see the numbers go up.  Oh well, there a lot of people worse off, gotta keep things in perspective.

God Bless,


  1. Sounds like you're right where they expect you to be. One nice thing about reading the blogs of you and others is I learn what to expect. As nasty as some of the side-effects are, it helps to know that others have made it to the "other side" in tact! I'm listening to you and thinking about you every day. Keep up the good fight, so I can read good things in your blog!

  2. Hooray, your last day of chemo, wish I could remember the words to the "Happy Last Day of Chemo" song the oncolgy nurses sang to me; maybe Betty can make one up and sing it to you. Hope your two days of rest are free of side effects. Keep your focus on your goal.
    Love & hugs,