Thursday, April 9, 2015

Monday and Tuesday Betty and I spent in Chicago at the contact lens center at the Illinois Eye Institute with Dr. Shorter.  I got prosthetic contact lenses that cover most of my eye and have a reservoir filled with saline.  They are very comfortable and I can go outside in the wind without any paint.  It was unbelievable !  My eyes haven't felt that good since before the transplant.  The lens is called PROSE and they come from Boston Sight,  When I researched them it sounded like most people got great relief from their eye issues, specifically those with graft vs host.
The cost is $6500.00 for each lens, Insurance is supposed to cover it.

Next I will be getting a liver biopsy that is done with a catheter through the heart.  The reason for doing it that way is my low platelet count.  This way if I bleed from the biopsy site it will bleed into the blood vessel and I will not lose any blood.  The artery that they will cut into will be visible and if it would start to bleed it would be obvious right away.  The biopsy will hopefully tell what is going on with my liver, and even give a better idea of my iron level.  The roller coaster continues.
God Bless

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