Monday, May 18, 2015

Latest update from the roller coaster.  My contacts are working out well, so glad I got them.  My blood counts have improved, latest platelet count was over 100,000  Up from a low of 20,000.  The big thing now seems to be my liver.  It just won't cooperate and get back to normal.  As a result I have basically similar symptoms to irritable bowel syndrome, and believe it or not painful breast tissue growth.

I learned from the doctors that when your liver is messed up it causes hormonal issues, digestive issues, including the ability to absorb nutrients, and a host of other issues.  The liver is truly at the center of balance for your body.

So in my case they don't know if my liver is being or already damaged from the chemo, iron overload, or graft vs host disease.  The best way to find out the answer is a liver biopsy.  A normal biopsy is done with a long needle through your side into your liver.  Because nothing is normal when you have/had a blood cancer, I have low platelets and had to have mine done through my interior jugular vein.  This was done so that if there is any bleeding from the liver it will bleed into the vein and basically keep the blood in my circulatory system.  

I had this done on Friday, the 15th in Chicago.  (I hate going to Chicago)  The doctors there know what to look for and have done these procedures often, and, they haven't killed me yet!  I should get the results later the following week.  If it is Graft vs Host disease (GVHD), I will get some kind of immune suppressant and hopefully heal some.  If it is damage from the chemo, it sounds like it will just be management.  If it is iron overload then it will be continue reducing the iron and monitor to see if any damage is permanent.  Then there is the possibility that it none of the above and we didn't really talk about that.  I would really like this roller coaster to get stuck on the top for a while.  I could use a break.  There, that's my whining for the day:)  Please donate blood and get on the list for stem cell donation.  There are many people needing both and it saved my life.
God Bless,

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  1. Scott, I've been watching for a post and glad to see a new one! Sounds like those new contacts have been a real blessing. Platelet count on the rise also a good sign! Something to celebrate there. Now that liver needs to start behaving! Once they know the root of the trouble, I'm sure they'll have a plan for you. I know you must be weary of the battle, and I agree that you need a BREAK soon! I'd love to donate blood or get on a donor list, but as you know, we are no longer a candidate for either! Keep up the good fight!