Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Greetings all.  Today I got a unit of blood and platelets.  So now my iron should officially be back to its level before chelation.  Oh well, I'll have three or four weeks to knock it back down before the transplant.  Tonight they start my last bag of chemo and by late tomorrow night I will have finished the "consolidation".  Then I will get blood and platelets to maintain levels and wait for what they said will be the no immune system fever.  My new room/floor gives me a better view of the lake shore when I bike and I can walk the entire floor,not half, like the 15th floor.    I'm still feeling good, missing home and work, but there will be plenty of both after the transplant.  It still doesn't seem real, I feel like I could wake up and this would have been a dream.  Oh, and yesterday I beat Jeff Hyler in tennis while I was attached to Dilbert (the IV pole).   A few months back Jeff and Steve Thommm gave me a coupon for a tennis win, one from each.  So I cashed it in yesterday with the help of Rob Weyer.  Steve is going to have a bigger defeat as I will cash his in during the transplant.
God Bless,


  1. Well, I finally figured it out (thanks Joanne). Hope the move upstairs went well and Betty adjusted. Keep up the good spirits! We miss you and can't wait to get together when this is all done!
    So I can tell by the pictures that Maria has the chiwawa's, who's got Mickey?

    1. Hey Guys. Scott's sister Cindy has Mic. She has three other big dogs and fenced yard. Word is he is fine, managed to work his way into her bed at night:) Miss you all, and being able to hang out. Next year is our year!!!

  2. hi scott and betty, sounds like the new room is working out. a better view to bicycle to is always welcomed. bill and i are heading for california tomorrow. it will be great to see stacey and dom. we will meet their dog, sprecher. and get to see their new house. they tell us we won't have a bed or a tv, but what the heck, it will be warm. hopefully, they have their computer hooked up so we can stay in touch. so, take care. love ya

  3. Hi Scott, glad to hear you beat Carlos, you and Dilbert took it to him pretty good, I bet. We miss you at work, there isn't enough laughs and sarcasm at briefing since youv'e been gone. It's hard to believe you are already to your last bag of chemo. Bag of Chemo, sounds like the name of a punk rock group. Take care, still praying for you. Steve

  4. Hi Scott & Betty,
    Donnie & I are always thinking of you and praying for you both. I thank Betty that she is right there with you. Take Care and God Bless You
    Donnie & Sue

  5. Love you Dad xoxo
    Skype Thursday night:) See you then!