Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Laundry, Poo Eating Rats and Window Shopping

Headed out to do some laundry. The hospital has an arrangement with an apartment building close was cheap and clean, and right accross from the dog park. I decided to take a walk while the wash was in and took a couple of videos....

Dog park across from hospital Video

Little dogs in the dog park Video 

I also took this photo, which pretty much told me I was not in Kansas anymore....

And last but not least, a video of the shops on Michigan Avenue, which I plan to visit with Rachel and Erica when they come visit.

Michigan Avenue Shopping Video

Other than that, I got over my anger with being moved. As my wise friend Carol once said, "Anger is a secondary emotion". My primary emotion was (and still is) fear. Being afraid that he won't get as good of care, that the air won't be as clean etc.

Scott likes it better up here, especially the bed, so I am better with it, but am even more of an eagle eye when it comes to his care:)

Thanks all for your comments and prayers. It really helps to know that you guys are out there and pulling for us.


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